Pepperjuice’s New Song Will Send To The Sky

Dance Single Is The New International Hit

Paris, France – July 24, 2020 – Duo Pepperjuice is reading to have fans dancing in their homes and in the club with their new release. “Bo Bo Bounce” is an electronic dance masterpiece that listeners will rush to put on their playlist.

“Bo Bo Bounce” is part of a 3-track EP released by Pepperjuice. The combination of upbeat lyrics and fast beats creates a unique soundscape for fans. They find some hip hop stylings along with electric rhythm in the song. The single is already released on major streaming platforms, ready for listeners to turn it up.

Created in mid-2019, Pepperjuice promises a piece of strong and impactful music and image universe. Their versatility and their ability to produce different kinds of music will surprise many. Pepperjui

Pioneer Inspires The World To Move With “Jongee” 

New Dance Single Available Now


Atlanta, Georgia – June 19, 2020 – Pioneer has sparked an internet sensation with his latest single, “Jongee,” that has everyone and their mother trying to complete the “Jongee” Challenge.

1995’s “La Macarena” to 2007’s “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” every so often a song comes along that inspires the world to take note, get up on their feet, and dance like there is no tomorrow. With those songs in the past, it’s time to look ahead at the next big dance craze and that’s coming your way thanks to Pioneer’s “Jongee.” An energetic piece of music, Pioneer’s latest single has given way to a dance challenge that is taking over the Tik Tok realm, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. 

Pioneer moves peo

Edgar Torres Makes The World Move With New Single

“Welcome To My House” Available Now


Manhattan, New York – May 22 2020 – Edgar Torres is bringing some heat to the dancefloor with his latest release, “Welcome To My House.” 

“Welcome To My House” started as a promotional song for the ‘House Music Community’ app video. That all changed when the track was picked up by Underground Network’s Don Welch. Welch has spent years specializing in dance music, and saw the potential of Torres’ “Welcome To My House.” 

The original cut of this song is an eight-minute-long journey through sound that starts right away with a sequence of beats that build up to Edgar Torres’ almost dreamlike vocals that while wispy have a commanding prowess to them. You want to do nothing but stay on board un

David Raynolds Makes Audiences Feel ‘So Alive’ With New EP

New Dance Record Out Now


Vancouver, Canada – December 30, 2019 – With mental health being a rising concern for many, especially teens, David Raynolds wanted to provide a bit of solace and hope for those living with anxiety and depression. With that, the 14-year-old singer-songwriter got to work and the result was his second release, ‘So Alive.’

‘So Alive’ comes three years after his debut, ‘I Believe In Me.’ His first album came out when he was just 11-years-old and provided entertainment for not only children his age but families and those just looking for something uplifting. Then as nature does, puberty hit and David put music on the backburner for a bit to let his voice settle. There wasn’t much downtime though as the precocious talent continued to work as an actor and voice actor in ‘Wayward Pines,’ ‘Travelers,’ ‘Ninjago,’ and