Canadian teen singer/actor David Raynolds released a brand new single IONIZE

Vancouver, Canada — Monday, April 20th, 2020 — This is a time of uncertainty for many artists and musicians out there, but this isn’t stopping talented creatives from putting out new quality music. This is the case for artist David Raynolds, who is back on the scene with a stunning new single, Ionize.

What makes this song special is the fact that the production is very good, and the elements in the project are very balanced, creating a perfect equilibrium, with just the right bias of technical excellence and performance essence. The first thing you’ll notice is certainly the high quality of this production, in terms of sonic aesthetics. This is the quintessential EDM track, but there is also a nice Dancehall vibe, with a different groove to it. The instrumental mix is balanced and direct, with a really deep low end and a crunchy mid-range that adds a lot of excitement to the track. In addition to that, the treble range is smooth and bright, adding a l

You May Find The Hottest DJ In Chicago Tonight

Introducing DJ Frankie French


Chicago, Illinois – September 20, 2019 – The night is really beautiful when you turn on the lights, music, beer and start dancing with a flow. The present generation is obsessed with DJ culture. Friends, co-workers, and neighbors drag you to their favorite place to party. Ever heard life without amusement? It is empty. In some cases, you miss the party as you got plenty of stuff to do, so you simply turn on the radio or go to the Soundcloud and listen to your favorite tracks. No matter you do party offline or online, DJ Frankie French is everywhere!

If you live in Chicago, we’ve got great news for you. DJ Frankie French attends events often. “He performs and rocks our world,” says Robert; a regular local party lover. In Frankie’s hood, everyone loves him for his professional attitude, and the beats he produces regularly on his official website. Recently, he produced