Positronic’s Last Album Is An EDM Masterpiece

New Album Offers Hope and Positivity

Corona, CA – October 8, 2020 – EDM artist Michael  McDannold of Positronic has released a new album that is a bright light for people going through challenging times. “New Life” is an emotional but upbeat musical journey.

“New Life” offers eleven outstanding tracks written and produced by Positronic. Each song contains a message of hope, encouraging others to conquer the darkness. Positronic infuses his music with his unique, ethereal style. Positronic hopes listeners will find joy and love with each song on the album. “New Life” was released on July 26, 2020, and is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Positronic has been making music for many years and was a member of several bands. He realized that most bands wanted to create somber, dark music. Positronic wanted to share a kinder, brighter message with the world, and his solo act was born.

Mr.1up Releases A Fun EDM Adventure

New EP Is Surging Up The Charts

Salisbury, Maryland – September 18, 2020 – Mr.1up is challenging the way people listen and enjoy EDM with the release of his new EP. “Open” is a musical adventure that will have fans transported to a different space.

“Open” contains for imaginative tracks that redefine the genre. The mix of fast and slow tempos creates a masterful mix of electronic music. Whether for dancing or relaxing, each track offers a soundtrack for life. Mr.1up is demonstrating his talent for mixing music. The EP is available for purchase from Itunes, Amazon, and other sources.

Mr.1up became interested in music as a teen and followed that passion into making a career. Mr.1up taught himself how to play instruments and how to work a turntable. Taking his name from video games, the artist hopes that people will feel leveled up after listening to his music.

To listen to more of his music, or

Scorpiostatic’s New Music Takes You Into A Fantasy World

Recently Released Album Is An EDM Hit

Alexandria, US – July 29, 2020 – EDM artist Scorpiostatic is ready to share his array of musical talent with the world with his newest album. “Utopia” promises to take listeners to a paradise on earth with its sound.

“Utopia” is a unique combination of piano, Keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, drums, and drum machines. All these sounds are produced by Scorpiostatic. The music on the album ranges from high energy to relaxing. There is a song for every one of life’s moments. The album takes EDM music to the next level.

Scorpiostatic is a British EDM producer, born in Hong Kong, now living in the US. His musical influence is the music sounds of the early 90’s raves. The artist does not use computer programs to make his music. Each instrument is