Ekow Armah Offers A Home To EDM Lovers

Big Groove Music Has High-Quality Dance Music

Surrey, UK- October 8, 2020 – Ekow Armah has started a website where dance music lovers can find the greatest hits and keep up with the latest news. Big Groove Music is the hottest place for EDM lovers to go and celebrate their music.

Big Groove Music offers listeners access to quality dance music via a monthly newsletter. It is free to register on the website which offers many great features. Members get access to a large music library with the best dance hits. It also offers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Biggroove Music and producer Ekow Armah’s music back story, which includes nearly 100 tracks. Sign up today to join this great community.

Ekow Armah is a songwriter, keyboard player, and producer based in the UK. Ekow lives in the studio, producing amazing EDM tracks for his multiple music projects. Ekow created Big Groove Music to offer a place for others to share

Carrie Able Releases Pandemic Inspired Tracks To Inspire Listeners

New And Upcoming Releases Are Electronic Visions

Brooklyn, New York – October 7, 2020 – Carrie Able has written and produced new electronic music based on her experiences during the pandemic.  “FLY” and “Inside” were recently released with music videos and is generating excitement from fans.

“FLY” is a powerful ballad about feeling trapped inside one’s self and finding the strength to break free. Carrie’s emotional vocals will make listeners feel their liberation coming from Carrie’s music. “Inside” is about fighting for what matters and discovering happiness. Both these tracks are racking up downloads and views on YouTube. Carrie is planning to release two more songs, “New York City Stardust” and “Dark Place” are two more pandemic inspired songs that are meant to convey the impact of the disease in the city and for people. Two songs are set

A’mari Dj Mona Lisa Releases Hot Reggae Mix

New Release Is Trending Around The World

Los Angeles, California – September 21, 2020 – Artist DJ Mona Lisa is making waves with her latest release on the music scene. “Neko” is a fusion dance hall mix that will have listeners moving to the beat.

“Neko” is a mix of reggae and dancehall music. The melodic beats will have fans dancing and feeling like they are in a different place. The catchy lyrics showcase the raw, emotional talent of A’mari DJ Mona Lisa. The song is topping the charts in Jamaica and is trending worldwide. It is available on streaming platforms.

A’mari DJ Mona Lisa ” is a singer/songwriter of various genres of music including Reggae, R&B, EDM. Her first song was released at 15 years old and she has followed her passion for music since. She has published and released over 60 songs that have gained her fame.

To listen to more of her music, or for interested par

Psyberfairy Releases Electronic Music Fantasy

New Album Offers Light In A Dark Place

Burnaby, Canada – September 21, 2020 – Electronic artist Psyberfairy is offering fans a unique electronic experience with the release of her latest album. “Rise of the Raven” is an album of hope for listeners during these hard times.

“Rise of the Raven” features six tracks that are a story. They are about falling into darkness, and finding one’s way back into the light. Psyberfairy exposes her vulnerability and her strength with each song. Her magical voice will heal listeners and open up their hearts. Fans of electronic music will feel each unique melody deep into their souls. The album was released on August 29th and is available on streaming platforms.

Psyberfairy began her music career several years ago with music production and is now into singing. Psyberfairy is also is an energy healer, spirit guide, and shamanic companion. Music is the way she rea

Lo Digz Produces Electronic Soundscapes

Artist Mixes Music With Emotion

Santa Clara, California – September 17, 2020 – Mix artist Lo Digz is getting the word out that his remixes and unique sounds are worth shouting about. Lo Digz has worked with many artists as well as solo produced his electronic music.

Lo Digz has worked with the Chainsmokers to remix their song “Takeaway.” Lo Digz has also spent time in the studio creating a unique sound experience with electronic music. Lo Digz’s music is meant to bring people into a good place, making them forget their troubles for a little while. His latest EP Stargazing was released in April and available on streaming platforms.

Lo Digz is a music producer from Northern California whose passion for music has driven his career. For eight years, he has created music that is melodic, emotional, and full of good vibes.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Lo Digz

Vertefeuille Introduces A Dazzling EDM Soundscape

Upcoming Album Promises A Transcendent Musical Journey

Montreal, Canada – September 15, 2020 – Canadian EDM artist Vertefeuille is getting fans ready to dance with the release of his latest EP masterpiece. “Aiiight” will have listeners feeling good and taking a musical journey into the unknown.

“Aiiight” will feature 10 tracks that will take listeners to a different place. The songs have a fun mixture of beats and melodies that stimulate the mind and heart. As one fan states, “One thing you can be sure when you listen to his tracks, they can at times be simple and sometimes more complex, but they always have a deep emotional vibe.” The release date for the EP is on September 18, 2020. It will be available on the artist’s website and on digital platforms.

Vertefeuille is “Known for his escapist sounds, rich electronic soundscapes, and mellow beats, Vertefeuille, a Canadian Prod

Dakota Locals Drops Fresh New Remix

Mixtape Is Full Of Eclectic Tracks

San Antonio, TX – September 9, 2020- Dakota Locals is bringing the love for the classic mixtape with his latest release. “This Would Be A Weird Mixtape” is a fun collection of old songs with a new sound.

“This Would Be A Weird Mixtape” is an abnormal mix of tunes that are for the strange times that people are living in. Dakota Locals claims this a deviation from his previous work. The tracks are a new take on old tracks. The song’s themes are a mix of love and politics during these times. It is the prelude to an album the artist has planned.

Dakota Locals is a one-man band and he has been making music for 15 years. The artist learned to play the guitar from his mother and has followed his passion for music ever since. Dakota Locals has experimented with genres, pushing the boundaries of music.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach

Progressive Vibes Presents “Quantum” From Electronic Maestro TLUXX 

New Electronic Single Available Now


Los Angeles, California – July 16, 2020 – TLUXX has impressed audiences near and far with his energetic DJ sets and releases and continues to do so with his latest single in 2020, “Quantum,” available now on Beatport.

While TLUXX cannot be out in the club scene due to COVID-19 restrictions, he is making sure to keep the beat going with new music. Released via Progressive Vibes, “Quantum” is the third single from TLUXX this year. It follows “Darkness in My Mind” and “Broken Hearts” respectively, adding yet another surefire crowd-pleaser to TLUXX’s cascade of hits. Bringing progressive House vibes and an unmatched level of energy to the table,

Electronic Duo Fight The Power With New Single 

“Heaven or Hell” Out Now 


Ipswich, Suffolk – July 15, 2020 – Drugs For Guns are not about starting a riot or bringing chaotic, anarchist energy to the forefront. Instead, they want to inspire change and create a movement that leads us towards a world where our governments and the corporations that seemingly influence them are held accountable when they put profit over people. Like many musicians that came before them who used music to urge change, Drugs For Guns are doing the same only with pulsating electronic beats. 

The video for their latest single, “Heaven or Hell,” is both currently relevant and punishingly real. All the while, Drugs For Guns’ music slowly builds until it boils over at the end. “Heaven or Hell” follows the release of 2019’s “Heads or Tails” which presented high energy throughout. Their latest single is built aro