Illegal NoiZe Announces New Single “Through 2 Eyes”

New Electronic Music Available June 26, 2020 


Santa Fe, New Mexico – June 18, 2020 – Those in the electronic scene may recall streaming the likes of an artist by the name of DJZ several years ago. At the time he’d amassed millions of streams on his Soundcloud by the same name. All that came to an end when an Asian company trademarked his name, made their own site, started promoting mainstream artists like Deadmau5 and Skrillex, and even made a DJing app. All the hard work DJZ had put into his music – gone. As if things could not get worse, Illegal NoiZe lost all he’d built up in 2014 and then was hit with a cancer diagnosis the following year. Despite the mountain of setbacks, he pushed forward. In recent years he’s dropped his debut as Illegal NoiZe and released a handful of singles that are proving to be as popular in the electron

Julez Gardener Makes A Grand Debut With “High & Low” 

New Album Announced For 2021 


London, England – June 18, 2020 – The past three years have been filled with nonstop music-making for the up and coming electronic artist Julez Gardener. While his first album isn’t slated for release until 2021, Julez Gardener is offering up a taste of what’s to come with his debut single, “High & Low.”

Being that Julez Gardener is so much more than a musician, “High & Low” shines as it highlights his songwriting abilities as well. While some artists stumble to find their footing right out of the gate, Julez Gardener is off to a leading headstart with his debut single, which was produced by the talented Paddy Hunt. The vocals, the composition, it all comes together as a song that could fare well across multiple platforms from the dancefloor to radio ai

Zuma-G Shares His Latest Creation ‘Universe’ 

New Electronic Album Out Now 


Charlotte, North Carolina – May 7, 2020 – Zuma-G is proud to present his third album. ‘Universe’ is a wonderfully done concept album revolving around one of the last greatest mysteries known to man with each song named for a celestial being or an action one would take while soaring through the universe on Zuma-G’s perfectly composed soundscap