Vishnu Express Release Unique Musical Blend

New Music Is An International Mix

Ankkurikylänkatu, Finland – September 11, 2020 – Experimental artist Vishnu Express is inviting listeners into a transcendent musical experience with the lease of his latest single. “Finnish House Of Afro Music” is an eclectic musical blend that will have music lovers talking.

“Finnish House Of Afro Music” has funky beats combined with the artist’s creative lyrics. Each of the five tracks contains an international flair from the Vishnu Express’ multi-cultural background. The songs will transport listeners to places around the world and put them in a heightened state of mind. Music lovers will need to head over to their favorite streaming platform and download the single today.

Vishnu Express is a Ghanaian afro reggae dancehall spoken word recording artist. Vishnu’s award-winning song “Trustworthy” topped the charts in 2012.  Vishny Ex

Lloyd Khan Is Ready To Take Fans Into An Experimental Soundscape

Imaginative Music Promises A Powerful Mix of Sound

Kitty Hawk, NC – August 31, 2020 – Sound guru Lloyd Khan is creating a new music genre with the release of his experimental music. Each song by the artist brings a contemporary meaning to the word avant-garde.

Lloyd Khan’s music is a powerful mix of soulful and heartfelt soundscapes. His music is also described as trance-induced funk grooves. Lloyd’s sound is awe-inspiring with a combination of world beat percussion, ethereal guitars, and keyboards, alongside chants, and the spoken word. The songs showcase the mix of international inspiration that comprises of Lloyd’s style. All his music is guaranteed to take listeners on a unique musical journey.

Lloyd Khan was born in the Far East (foothills of Kalaw, Myanmar) came to the US when he wa

The Sound Foxes Experiment Deliver Instrumentals & Remixes On New Album 

‘RiP Foxes Killa Bees: Lost and Hidden Gems’ Available Now 


Plymouth, United Kingdom – June 18, 2020 – When reality starts to settle in, it can be a bit much to deal with. That is when one needs an escape. Music has always been able to lift spirits and guide people away from bad days, and that’s just what The Sound Foxes Experiment is all about. They are a group that finds humor in the world and creates music around it in an experimental way that only they can do. They have a half dozen releases to their name, including 2020’s ‘RiP Foxes Killa Bees: Lost and Hidden Gems.’

‘RiP Foxes Killa Bees: Lost and Hidden Gems’ follows the release of 2019’s ‘Journey’s into the Abstract.’ Their latest features an array of remixes and instrumentals that are bound to make audiophiles ecsta

Although isthatCJ Is Known As The Bay Area’s Lyricist, He Is Set And Prepared to release his 9th Studio Recorded Album, Cgyptian, And Plans On Approaching The Industry, Again With His New Experimental Hip-Hop Sounds And Tunes.

Las Vegas, Nevada — Tuesday, December 10, 2019 — isthatCJ is set to release his next album, Cgyptian, a project loaded with 11 tracks made for fun and introspective listening, in Spring of 2020. Choosing a new approach, CJ worked with an array of producers and artists to achieve an experimental sound throughout the album, which differentiates his sound from his prior albums. From storytelling to delivering 16 bar Hip-Hop verses, CJ touches a lot of styles and topics that could be influential for listeners, partygoers, and other artists as well.

The West Coast has always anticipated new projects from isthatCJ, as he is known for his lyrical approach, and new tunes, that usually gains a combination of music listeners. isthatCJ, formerly known as HBK CJ, explains how his 9th studio-recorded album will be his first album as a solo artist, developing a new listening experience for his new and existing on-boarders. Cgyptian will be available on all pla

Global Charts Artist releases a new single

Jersey City, New Jersey — Monday, September 9th, 2019Monjyoti Bhattacharyya, better known in the music realm as simply Monjyoti, is an experimental rocker with over 500 shows to his name. He just released his second single called “Neighbor Syndrome” from his album titled Hypnosis, after the warm and acclaimed reaction of the first single from his upcoming album, “Hypnosis”, which even acquired the highest Global Ranking on Reverbnation<span data-contrast

The New Wave- Music Fusion

Chicago, IL — Monday, August 12th, 2019 — Music is in itself a universal language conveying emotion through tones and inflection. Kirko the scientist (KS for short) prides itself on fusing genres creating new and innovative sounds to convey his own message and emotions.

Kirko the Scientist makes music for the people who’d rather not speak on issues to prevent more trouble. He makes music for the misunderstood who look for a connection. People find not only related but ideas they can take forth in their own lives as they progress of self if a key message Kirko the Scientist brings to the world. Kirko the Scientist releases music at whim as he prefers the organic nature of music creation as well as releasing, which releases can be found on all major streaming platforms.

“Closed eyes can’t see how bright a star shines” – Kirko The Scientist

I believe this quote perfectly describes KS not only as an artist

Singer/Songwriter engages in political message

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain — Thursday, April 25th, 2019 — Paco G. Seignon releases a new single with a political message against abortion. Survival of the Fetus is an ambient song asking the million dollar question: how many of us?

Whether you are in favor or against abortion this clearly is a tune that should make you question this practice. Women have the right to decide today, especially in the West, however, there are also people in greater numbers who now contest this act saying it is comparable to murder and that the numbers are too high year after year. Paco G. Seignon has just released this controversial new single which you can hear and online  (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon).

“@jazziepacoz was the one who got me into jazz in 1999 Australia! Great compositions like Hey! Victor, the other half. C u for new episodes!” Paul Richards

No other independent artist is perhaps more underrated than Paco G. Seignon. Luckily

“Introducing The Hottest Experimental/Progressive Singer/Songwriter You’ve Never Heard Of”

Bellingham, Washington — Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 — SiNns’ experimental music has been influenced by a myriad of artists from various genres. He is fascinated by the history of religion, spiritualism, mysticism, and the occult. His personal journey of interest and practice within these realms plays a significant role in SiNns’ creative process. His music leaves an open door for the listener’s mind to explore new ways of thinking through complex compositions and suggestive lyricism

All of SiNns’ songs are original pieces that are intended to captivate his listeners. Pushing the boundaries of normal lyricism, listeners are left to ruminate over what this artist may have experienced prior to writing his pieces. While one may feel displaced in the lyrics, it is the genuine deliverance and tone of his vocal work and songwriting that grounds listeners and makes them feel as if something of true nature is being conjured. His mu