Pastor Ricky Offers New Fusion Of Gospel Music

Gospel Reggae Album Brings The Faith In A Unique Way

Rockville, MD – September 25, 2020 – Minister and gospel artist Pastor Ricky is bringing his love for God and humanity in his newest album. “Blessed to be a Blessing” is a mix of genres and full of peace and harmony.

“Blessed to be a Blessing” fuses together five music genres to create a unique musical experience. They included Afro, Calypso Soca, Mento, Worship, and Reggae. Each song will move the spirit of listeners and make them sing. Pastor Ricky also collaborated with other gospel artists on the album, creating an array of talent. There are songs on the album about the Coronvirus pandemic and an Intercession Prayer track. The album is available on streaming platforms.

Pastor Ricky is the Pastor of Kingdom Connection Outreach Ministries. His love for music and God have combined to make beautiful songs that inspire people. Pastor Ricky released

Dr. Kendall Coleman Release New Song Full Of Faith

New Track Is About Having Faith 

Chicago, IL – September 18, 2020 –  Dr. Kendall Coleman is revealing his heart and faith in the release of his latest gospel song. “The Lord Will Make A Way” will uplift the spirit and reaffirm God’s love for humanity.

“The Lord Will Make A Way” is testifying to listeners that no matter how dark things seem, the Lord’s light will guide people to a better place. This song seeks to encourage and people across cultural and geographic lines and show them God’s love. The hymnal style will help people listen and worship wherever they are in the world. The song is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Dr. Kendall Coleman is not only a gospel singer. He is a songwriter, engineer, school teacher, and minister. His faith has seen his career through many changes and allowed him to follow his love for music. When he is not expressing his faith through song, he serve

Gospel Artist Donald Harris Spreads God’s Love With His Music

Songs For Those Who Believe

Parkton, NC – August 8, 2020 – Gospel Artist Donald Harris is spreading a message of faith and love for his fans. His gospel music will soothe weary souls and help uplift people in their time of need.

Donald Harris formed his band with the mission to reach as many people as possible and spread God’s message. Donald wants listeners to have their pain taken away with God’s love. Gospel music lovers will feel the spirituality in each note. There is grace offered in Donald’s music, giving light to those who feel they are in a dark place.

Donald Harris has been a life long lover of music. Donald is now taking that love and making music for the world to hear. He has plans for upcoming projects with his band. However, the main mission of Donald and his band is to insp

The JONESES Are A Gospel Powerhouse

New Single Will Have Listeners Believing

Fredericksburg, VA – August 8, 2020- Gospel band The JONESES are excited to bring God’s love and hope to listeners across the nation. “I BELIEVE” comes at the right time when people are feeling sad and weary in the world.

“I BELIEVE” is the first single released from The JONESES during a musical hiatus. The song’s message comes as a herald for people feeling hopeless in the world. It’s soulful music and hopeful message will have fans feeling the faith again. The talents of the band’s musicians will astound listeners, and have them asking for more.

The JONESES’ members are Wendell Noble, Ramone Noble, and Sam White. The group has made music together for 25 years. The band’s outstanding credits include a performance on Soul Train, now on YouTube. They have also performed with amazing acts such as James Brown. They have graced the stage at Madison Square Garden and The Apoll

Alma J. Reed Announces “Jesus Are You Here” 

New Gospel Single Available Now 


Fort Worth, Texas – June 26, 2020 – Those looking for a higher power in their own life through music – look no further than Alma J. Reed. She’s a seasoned gospel singer with a new single, “Jesus Are You Here,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

“Jesus Are You Here” is the 2020 release from gospel singer Alma J. Reed. A beautiful song that showcases not only her vocal skills but uplifting sentiments and charm that provide the warm embrace of the Lord throughout. Fans of traditional and modern gospel alike will appreciate with Alma J. Reed brings to the table, and from that – will most definitely want to hear more from this veteran of sound who has almost a dozen other tracks set to be released in due time. 


The Jerry Banks Project Delivers Uplifting Charm With Latest Single 

New Gospel Single, “We Need a Word,” Available No


Jacksonville, Florida – June 8, 2020 – The Jerry Banks Project gives way to gospel music that is more than one expects. With a little funk tossed into the mix, “We Need a Word,” is both a positive note to the world as well as an entertaining gem. 

The best part of “We Need a Word” is that it’s unexpected. When one hears the term gospel, they have a sound already in their head, but The Jerry Banks Project takes that idea and elevates it by giving the latest single a wonderful twist that pays homage to the funk and soul that breathed life into the music industry, and the world, in the 1970s. On top of that, the lyrics come from a place of love and act as audible guidance for those who are lost. Jerry Banks notes, “This song was written