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Jyella Proves Why He “Run It” With New Single 

New Hip Hop Single Available Now 


Houston, Texas – May 29, 2020 – Rap has been a part of Jyella’s life ever since he was a kid running around, answering to his given name Jeremy Grant. He went from just a fan to someone who wanted to pursue it in eighth grade when he’d start freestyling with his friends at lunch and after school. From there, his talents and interest in the industry grew until he wasn’t just an artist, but an entrepreneur. Today he’s the founder of Rech Entertainment and the co-founder of Rech Blacc Kingz. With so many plates spinning as a business owner, he has added more with his artistry and his latest single, “Run It.” 

Released in May 2020, “Run It” starts with this perfectly constructed intro that leads right into the action. Amid the lyrics that hype listeners

Tyte Muzik Entertainment Presents Two New Singles From Mac Tyte

“Prepared” & “No Regrets” Available Now 


Memphis, Tennessee – May 29, 2020 – Mac Tyte has been making big moves in the hip hop game. Not only as the founder and CEO of Tyte Muzik Entertainment, a label that delivers everything from R&B to rock and everything in between, but also his own music including his latest singles; “Prepared” and “No Regrets.” 

Both released this year, Mac Tyte’s latest singles showcase a level of sophistication in terms of the production. These are stories and Mac Tyte is ready to deliver their tales. “Prepared” starts with this surprising neo-soul like bridge that leads into a hard-hitting cascade of verses that allow Mac’s way with words to shine. As for “No Regrets,” the start is almost cinematic. A car chase that you want to know more

Sargeant Q Takes One Of America’s Biggest Problems With New Single 

“Cry, Pt. 1” Available Now 


Charlottesville, Virginia – May 27, 2020 – America’s history with racism stems back to it’s “discovery” in 1492. Since then a system was set in place to ensure a certain type of people is in the driver’s seat. As years progressed, we’ve watched with the false hope that racial tensions would become a thing of the past, but today we continue to see news stories of unarmed Black men and women taken down by their neighbors, and even worse – police. Having had enough, Sargeant Q put his frustrations to song with his latest single “Cry, Pt. 1.” 

“I just wanna cry. I don’t wanna have to die.” 

That line alone speaks volumes about what Sargeant Q and many like him face on a day to day basis in Amer

Things Get “Heated” In New Video From KenCanRap

New Music Video Out Now 


Chicago, Illinois – May 25, 2020 – KenCanRap took a cinematic approach to his latest video, “Heated.” Taking his creative endeavors to new heights, he delivers on every level with this hot new clip. 

Since MTV went the way of reality TV, music videos just haven’t been the same. Yes, big-label artists can afford larger than life videos, but indie artists like KenCanRap? Well, that’s what makes KenCanRap stand out from the crowd. With “Heated” he goes for a cinematic-level video. One with story, drama, and of course music to boot. The video is as enthralling as the music is entertaining. A win-win situation and a total score for the Chicago rapper. 

Things weren’t always going as well for KenCanRap though. He started ra

TAR’s Album ‘Addict’ Addresses Different Addictions We All Go Through Such As Sex, Love, Drugs, Food, Gaming and More.

Tempe, Arizona, United States of America — Friday, May 22nd, 2020 — This is a concept album called ‘ADDICT’ which addresses different addictions such as sex and drugs. TAR has used the experiences he has been through and transformed it into an album that speaks to everyone.

T.A.R. = Trust And Respect. Anyone with an addiction problem or who knows someone going through that pain will be able to take something away from this album. From light concepts like ‘Gaming’ to darker ones like ‘Drugs’ – this album truly takes the listener on a journey. TAR has put together an album that has changed the lives of those around him and he now plans to help others with his music.

‘Love is an addiction and I got a prescription’ – TAR’s lyrics from his track about love addiction.

An album that takes a dark and ominous subject like addiction and transforms it into a positive message of hope and

Teezy Tancsta Announces Release Date For ‘Kendrick Levar: The Story of Kendrick’

Three Singles Available Now, Including “Bad N She Wit It” 


Louisville, Kentucky – May 22, 2020 – Southern-based rapper Teezy Tancsta’s new album, ‘Kendrick Levar: The Story of Kendrick,’ won’t be available until September 27, 2020, but that doesn’t mean he is keeping everything under wraps. He’s released a few singles already to give fans a taste of what’s to come including the always sensual “Bad N She Wit It.” 

“Bad N She Wit It” comes with a sick beat, catchy rhymes, and more finesse than it knows what to do with. Teezy Tancsta really delivers with this song that brings late-night antics to the forefront with such fervor that it may cause a pregnancy by the end if listeners aren’t careful. It’s that good. This track works everywhere from your own time in the bedroom to

Oldsouthgg Has 20/20 Vision This Year

Two New EPs Available Now 


Seaside, Oregon – May 22, 2020 – Oldsouthgg realized after one too many shifts at his current gig, that he had to make some big changes in 2020. With two EPs out now, he is ready for the world to recognize his talents. 

In 2019 he release two EPs, ‘Cosmic Hurricane’ and ‘Cosmic Hurricane 5.0.’ Each features a trio of songs that bring about something new about Oldsouthgg to the table. From the first, “Around the World” delivers a laidback beat that allows the power of his vocals to shine as they command attention from the press of play. On the latter, “Compadres” shows how well he can collaborate with this track featuring the likes of Manny Bank$$ and Dr Weathers. While that same ‘5.0’ EP presents the catch radio-ready “Vigil” as well. Oldsouthgg n

Put Your ‘Full Focus’ On Brooklyn’s Quest Legendz

New Hip Hop Album Available Now 


Brooklyn, New York – May 20, 2020 – When it comes to taking the independent route, no one has traveled it as wisely as Quest Legendz. At it for over a decade, the Brooklyn-based rapper delivered his third album earlier this year when he dropped ‘Full Focus.’

‘Full Focus’ is made up of hot tracks that shine a light on Quest Legendz’s way with words and clear deliveries that make his storytelling abilities stand out from the cascade of mumble rappers currently on the charts. He brings mid and up-tempo instrumentals to the table time and time again throughout as songs such as “Spazz Out Spazz Out,” “Speaking in Tongues,” and “Trolling” guides listeners through the soundscape Quest Legendz constructed on this record. 

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