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Rock Lp’s Music Tells The Story Of The Hustle

New Album Is A Hip Hop Showpiece

Salt Lake City, UT – August 3, 2020 – Up and coming hip hop artist Rock Lp is bringing a fresh style to the music world. “Momentum” tells a story of the hard work and grind the artist has experienced in his life.

“Momentum” is a tale about Rock Lp’s hustle to get into the music industry and make himself a success. Each song on the album is about motivation, determination, and someone’s mindset can change their lives. The music is a refreshing mix of change of hip beats and progressive change. Listeners will connect with the themes laid out in each track.

Rock Lp’s music career began when he started playing piano when he was seven. Rock started writing his songs at the age of 12, and also added the guitar to his repertoire. Rock had struggles gr

Zawles Releases New Beats For Life’s Flow

New Album And Single Will Turn it Up

Toronto, Ontario – August 4, 2020 – All the way from Canada, Zawles is brining that cool sound to listeners around the glove. His new album “The G-Flow Symphony” is ready to drop on August 5 following the release of the single “Loose Woke.”

“The G-Flow Symphony” is a mix of Zawles’ unique hip hop style with Cuban influences from his childhood. The blend of culture is present in each track and beat, showing the artist’s inspiration. The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms. “Loose Woke” has an upbeat sound mixed with raw emotional lyrics. It is gaining fast popularity on major digital platforms.

Zawles comes from a proud Cuban background where he got the nickname. Growing up in different places has inspired Zawles

V’Dollas Is Bringing The Party Anthem Of The Year

New Album Will Get Fans On Their Feet

Los Angeles, CA – August 8, 2020- Music producer turned artist V’Dollas is ready to get fans dancing all night with his new release. V’Dollas’ upcoming album 1594 is a homage to his hometown.

1594 will have listeners moving their feet to the rhythm. It’s the perfect song for those hot days by the pool or in the club. The album was preceded by the release of V’Dollas’ single “Song,” which was released 7/18/2020. It’s already gained multiple downloads and streams online. V’Dollas’ music is a fun mix of hip hop lyrics and upbeat rhythms. 

Born in Miami, V’Dollas moved out to California and expanded his music career. V’Dollas is in a group called VST. That stands for V’Dollas, SavDidIt, and Tejohn Anax.They have songs out with Future, E-4

G-Rale Gambino Is Making Music Magic With Hip Beats

New Single And Project Are A Wild Ride

Dallas, Texas – August 3, 2020 – Straight from the Lone Star state, Hip Hop artist G-Rale Gambino is making waves with his new music. With his latest single and another upcoming project, G-Rale Gambino is taking over the hip world.

G-Rale Gambino released a single over the summer called “Move!” The song has been streamed over 30 thousand times worldwide, gaining a huge fanbase. The song is the opening move for an upcoming project called 1st Gear. Thi project will focus on the various styles, aspects, and give an insight into G-Rale (for short) as a true musician and lyricist. Listeners will see G-Rale’s creativity shine through. Hip hop lovers will not want to miss this future musical masterpiece.

Music has always been apart of G-Rale Gambino’s life, especially during his years at school. G-Rale would take part in freestyle music battles at the lunch tables or on the buses t

LSGBOOMAN Brings The Noise From Chicago

New Song Highlights Artist’s Struggles

Chicago, IL – July 28, 2020- Rising hip hop star LSGBOOMAN is releasing the power of his talent with the release of his new song. “Chase a Bag” is an emotional journey, inspired by the singer’s real-life experiences.

“Chase a Bag” features the electric lyrics by LSGBOOMAN coupled with the smooth musical track. The song is about his past and challenges that he has overcome to get where he is today. Fans of hip hop will enjoy adding this to their playlist and jamming to the beats. It’ll be the perfect song for those long nights.

LSGBOOMAN memo600 cousin and he was born and raised in the Robert Taylor homes projects. LSGBOOMAN uses the pain and negative environment to make his success story. Losing his close friend nunu to gun violence woke him up and changed his life. LSGBOOMAN has bee

Get’m Wants Fans To Join Their Music Nation

Duo Releases Hot Debut Album

Ebensburg, PA – July 27, 2020 – Cam and Skweeze, members of the hip hop duo Get’m, are ready to turn up the noise with their debut album. “The Detour” along with its accompanying Indie-Documentary also titled “The Detour” will have listeners ready to party.

“The Detour” is ready to land on the playlist of every hip hop fan. The unique sounds of the album give it an edge over most hip hop songs. Get’s originally tried to be a rock band but ended up going into hip hop. The musical transition is present in the duo’s musical styles and lyrics.

Skweeze’s background:
Skweeze began pursuing music at an early age, coming from a very judgmental and dramatic upbringing. He began playing guitar around age 10. He has auditioned for ‘America’s Got Talent’ Twice, once in Baltimore, and once in Norfolk. Skweeze is a very big Bob Dylan fan. He loves all of his works and has had the bles

Mr. Flamboyant’s Music Will Turn Up the Heat

Hip Hop Artist Has Music In His DNA

Atlanta, GA – July 24, 2020 – Mr. Flamboyant is ready to take over the airwaves with his unique style of hip hop, hoping to grow his fanbase. The mixes by Mr. Flamboyant will have you dancing, singing, and turning the speakers up to full blast.

Mr. Flamboyant has produced 4 of his own albums while working full-time. With his single “I Made Her” featuring Benny Jones recently peaking at #10 on the Euro Indie Music Chart. He has toured with many artists including Goodie MobOutcast, 8Ball and MJG, Pastor Troy, Trick Daddy, and the late Shawty Lo. He is currently working to release a new album. 

Mr. Flamboyant was born Phalando Jibouri Lawson in Atlanta, GA. Being raised by a single mother, residing primarily on the southside of Atlanta (East Point, College

BNR DRE’s New Song Will Keep You Up

New Single Is A Hip Hop Hit

Sunset, LA – July 24, 2020 – BNR DRE is ready to keep his fans grooving all night long with his new single. “All-Nite” is a collaboration hit that combines unique voices and jams for the ultimate beaten.

BNR DRE and his partner Maxx are ready to wow listeners with “All-Nite.” The song is about real-life experiences and the songs we make in the night. The music video is gritty, but powerful, featuring a city at night. The video has received over 100,000 views on Youtube. The two voices create an amazing contrast to each other, making a powerful melody.

BNR DRE and he is a rapper/producer/engineer/videographer/influencer from Sunset, LA. BNR DRE has been making music since the age of 12 and he is now 29. His talents led him to found BNR, which is an independent label with hot talent on its roster.<

Tae Edmonds Prepares A Hip Hop Masterpiece

New Album In the Works

Smyrna, Georgia – July 23, 2020 – Hip Hop artist Tae Edmonds is taking his love for music and turning it into an album for fans. The yet untitled album promises hip hop beats that will speak to listeners around the world.

The new album is about the singer’s life experiences and those of other people. Tae’s music style is free of swearing, bringing a refreshing, clean style to hip hop. The songs will be full of Tae’s heart and soul, connecting with fans on every level.

Tae grew up in Chicago, IL, and always thought and dreamed of being a big music star. He discovered his passion for music when he started to dance and sing watching the movie ”The Temptations” in 1998. From that point on, Tae was involved in choir, musicals, and songwriting. Tae also learne