Haunebu II Is Opening Up To Fans With New Music

Band Makes An Offering Of Creative Work To Listeners

Santa Fe, New Mexico – September 16, 2020 – The music world will now reveal its best-kept secret with the release of Haunebu II’s latest album. “Fires In The Night” highlights the genre invented by the artist he calls hybrid.

“Fires In The Night” was released on September 1st, 2020, and this is H2’s second full-length body of work. It features 20 tracks of unique, alternative rock experience. Each song features the vocal prowess of Haunebu II and an eclectic mix of instruments. The sound of the album is a mix of  70’s rock, 80’s keyboards, 90’s grunge, and beyond. Tracks such as “Stardust” and  “Already There” are already making waves.

Haunebu II is a talented musician as well as a military and a UFO historian. H2 has been always been singing and following his passion for music. He played and