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Mick Southerland Drops Solo EP ‘A Night Divine’

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College Station, Texas – September 17, 2019 – Critics and fans alike have been raving about Mick Southerland’s A Night Divine calling is confident, catchy, and memorable. Formerly of Southernayers, Mick Southerland is branching out on his own to embark on an indie meets electropop wave that has people feeling like they’re listening to the ’80s elevated to modern times on his solo debut.

As the titular single, “A Night Divine” presents a charismatic look inside what the rest of the album it shares its name with is all about. Much the in the same wheelhouse as the likes of Bastille, Mick Southerland lays his heartfelt and at times soulful vocals atop a myriad of electropop so that in the end there is this beautiful balance between two styles seamlessly coming together whether it’s the emotive expressions of “Slumber” or t