Luan Seguim Releases Highly Anticipated New Indie Pop/Rock Song with Dark Music Video

Chicago, IL — Friday, May 1st, 2020 — New Artist in 2020, Luan Seguim releases Indie Pop/Rock song, “The Puppet Man”, with a stunning dark music video. The song establishes a calm yet energetic emotional listen, with styles being compared to Hozier, Sam Smith, and Panic at the Disco. “The Puppet Man”, is a new take on the Pop/Rock mainstream songs that keeps the listener wanting more.

The song has been featured on Spotify playlists  Indie Fire, Top Tracks 2020, and U.S Top Charts. Since its release in mid-March, the song has been quickly gaining attention and notoriety, as it is currently on all major streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Amazon Music. For the new music fans looking for a different, yet energizing sound, “The Puppet Man” is the perfect track to get introduced to Luan Seguim and his music.

In an interview at The Hatch Stu

One Shade Of Soul Wrote, Recorded, Composed Arranged & Performed All His Lyrics & Produced, Mixed, Engineered All His Music & Filmed & Edited All His Video At Home In His Dying Bed & His Hospital During His Heart Transplant for His C.D. release “Something 4 Everyone”.

Chesapeake, Va. — Friday, March 20th, 2020 — One Shade of Soul, an artist that recorded, wrote, arranged & performed all his lyrics as well as produced, composed, performed, recorded, mixed and engineered all his music & filmed, directed & edited his music video himself from his dying bed at home and his hospital bed in The Heart Hospital of Norfolk, Va. really offers something for everyone.

One Shade Of Soul intends for all his listeners to find at least One or Two songs they like and can relate to regardless of what their music preference maybe thus his c.d. due to digitally release 04/20/2020 entitled “Something 4 Everyone” contains 2 folk songs, 2 rap songs, 1 R&B song, 2 Alternative songs, 1 Alternative Christian song, 1 Alternative Rock song, 1 Rock N Roll song, 1 Reggae Rap song & 1 Spanish Reggaeton & Dance song ensuring this 11 song debut c.d. named “Something 4 Everyone” truly is and has “Something 4 Everyone”.

Lilith Ai’s “Vanity is a bitch” cuts deeper than than your average record

London, UK — Monday, February 3rd, 2020 — melodically examing what love or maybe lust is for a girl in 2020. Lilith brings her audience all the way down in an ocean of lo-fi hooks and experimental guitar sounds.

This new written from the perspective of a lapdog “vanity is a bitch” is lyrical magic. Indie kids and underground music fans are eagerly awaiting this tune witch will be available on cassette a thought all good streaming platforms.

“is a raw part of me, I half squirm every time sing it,” says, Lilith, recounting her feeling about a track that takes her sound to a new level of awesomeness.

the track is taken from Liliths 4th EP due out later this year.

Be sure to catch it first on FEB 22nd.



Lilith Ai is a guitarist, who writes and performs poignant tales of modern life. Hailing from nowhere special, Lilith began releasing lo-fi b

PTLGPOONIELO Brings Change To Chicago With Boss

Chicago, IL — Friday, January 10th, 2020With today’s growing music market, Artists from all over are trying there best to get their music blasted in the ears of all music lovers across the globe. However, very few artists have a unique style. Not to mention, they don’t address much of society’s subliminal mind control over tactics that prevent others from conquering their fears, stress, or anger. PTLGPOONIELO, a south side Chicagoan independent artist, is bringing light to these issues in the form of uplifting and inspirational music; specifically with his latest single “Boss”.

With over 10,000 views on Youtube within the last 4 months, PTLGPOONIELO latest single, “Boss” has touched the ears of many music lovers, and in a different wave. The video has been able to provoke positive emotions in people all over and sets the stage for a new wave of music that can potentially change the direction

Patti Rain Releases Six Days At The Mouse House At Ice Cream Party in Portland Oregon on iTunes

Chicago — Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 — Patti Rain is a conjugated artist working across poetics. Rain’s album Six Days At The Mouse House grabs and delights the listener.

The music is bright, authentic and speaks truth to power.


Chicago Artist Patti Rain is a conjugated artist working  across poetics creating work that is fresh and authentic. As a teaching artist she moves center stage now to teach the world through the music.

Patti rain opened for Leon Russell for 2  sold out nights at Chicago’s Premier venue, The Mayne Stage.  The promoter  said of her performance, “Patti was the perfect compliment to Leon Russell, her music , her message and her style.”

Rain was educated in the arts at the University of California, Berkeley and holds two advanced degrees from The School of the  Art Institute of Chicago, a Master in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts. Rain is an award winning artist

The Put Outs Are Here To Put Your Ears Out!

Portland, Oregon — Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 — The Put Outs is an alternative rock band duo consisting of Mark Freifeld (vocals, guitar) and Robin Anderson (vocals, drums, percussion, toy accordion).

The band formed in early 2017.  After playing various sets at North Portland venues like The Kenton Club, The Fixin’ To, and The Railside, the band had enough material gathered to record a debut record. Heart Surgery, the debut album, was released to the world on January 16, 2019.  Distributed by Distrokid and available across all major music streaming platforms.

The Put Outs joined Mitchell Dries (owner and producer at Now! Recordings in Linnton Oregon) during October 2018.  Throughout October up until the end of December, the debut, Heart Surgery, was recorded and mixed. A funny side note is that Now! studio is perched atop of an adorable nautical themed dive bar called The Lighthouse.  Many a laugh occurred

Jimi Hendrix Meets Kanye West. Cameron Nino’s Ice Cream Rocks!

Los Angeles, CA — Saturday, March 9th, 2019 — Every now and then we come across an artist with a song that just grabs at you in the most unexpected ways. A song that really showcases the artist’s defining factors with that instant-hit kind of power that really knocks your wind out. We have the perfect demonstration of this with 15-year old LA-based ASCAP vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Cameron Nino‘s single “Ice Cream Feat. 100 Miles & Isabelle Rae.”

Cameron‘s “Ice Cream” has a charismatic and original sound that is effective, creative, with an unwavering presence of catchiness that is impossible to not notice. His smooth guitar chops are unwavering, and really solidify his versatility by delving into a multi-genre signature style that combines Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, with elements of everything in between to really put a modern edge to a very tasty concoction that really captivates you from the v

Cameron Nino is the defibrillator that the music industry has been in dire need of.

Los Angeles, CA — Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 — YouTube content producer, gamer, athlete, musician, and vocalist. Los Angeles based Cameron Nino is all of those things, and a whole lot more, at just a fraction of the age most of his more famous peers are. The fourteen-year-old, dynamic and charismatic performer is a precocious talent with a built-in determination and focused ambition. In 2011 he wrote his first song, “Back in the Day”, which advocated the use of Green Tech instead of fossil fuel. In 2015 he produced a medley for Club 42, using music by The Beatles and Michael Jackson. He has since gone on to release three first-round ballot Grammy-nominated singles – “On The Floor” (2016), “Gravity” (2018), with his band Seventh Nova,  and “Ice Cream” (2018).

This young man’s vocal style, guitar playing, energy, and delivery will make you listen to his

Sweet Escape is a North Shore Boston band with a contemporary country pop jive with so much much heart and soul in their vocals & lyrics on the cutting edge of a new genre.

Topsfield, Massachusetts — Tuesday, August 6th, 2019Sweet Escape is a North Shore Boston band with a contemporary country-pop jive with so much heart and soul in their vocals & lyrics.   They are on the cutting edge of a new genre of music.

Sweet Escape is a group of talented musicians with different backgrounds and personalities.  They were brought together after the sudden death of their lead guitarist, Mark Bowman, who is lead singer, Cindy Guido’s late husband.  After a grieving break, they united with a new sound that is on the cutting edge of a whole new genre of music.  At, you can hear a morphed sound of songs from the time the band began in May 2009 until their newer release of “The last call for summer” from the Looking Back album.  All the proceeds from this album are donated in Mark Bowman’s honor to the American Heart Assoc

Which Way To The Future

Santa barbara — Friday, July 19th, 2019 — Looking forward to looking backward? Join The Mates on their defiantly nostalgic journey into Future Junk, the imaginary soundtrack to a Doris Day-Rock Hudson romantic comedy set in a Britpop version of The Jetson’s.

Melancholy harmonic fields shimmer behind the perfect pop craftsmanship of the slaphappy opener, Which Way to the Future, as well as in outright downers like The Buzz Is Over, and Despair. The dialectic comes full circle with the eminently danceable This Sucks. The spirit (and seemingly the voice) of John Lennon at his most sarcastic presides over Joke, but it’s the wistful sweetness of these tunes that linger in the ear.

The Mates music has been featured in various TV shows, including, “Men In Trees”, “The Young And Restless”, “Life”, and “Good Girls Don’t”. Film usage includes “Wieners” and “Silly Mov