Drivetime Is Bringing Listeners A Unique Jazz Style

New Album Is Must Have for Jazz Fans

Doylestown, Pennsylvania – July 29, 2020 – Calling their style urban organic jazz, Drivetime is introducing more of this amazing style to listeners. Their new album, “Mysterious Life,” will take jazz lovers on a soulful journey.

“Mysterious Life” is produced by Michael B. Sutton and gives the listener a full array of rhythmic jazz. The latest two releases from the CD are “duFuNk” & “Phatt” and have been charted on Nielsen’s BDS Music Charts. Jazz aficionados need the album to their playlist immediately and enjoy the smooth beats. Each song is a journey.

Drivetime has garnered international fame over the past decade. Drivetime has released multiple CDs and singles that have earned them fans around the globe. Drivetime

Don Hicks’ New Album Speaks Volumes

Artist Creates A Labor Of Love

Uxbridge, Massachusetts – July 14, 2020 – Jazz Musician Don Hicks is eager for listeners to immerse themselves in the smooth jams of his new album. “Eloquence” speaks clearly of the music and love that is in Don’s heart.

Don wrote, arranged, and produced “Eloquence.” The songs are a combination of jazz, funk, and rock that will make you want to sing along or just listen in soulful silence. The album is the first produced by Don. It shows the mastery Don has over his instruments and talented songwriting.

Don Hicks, even though disabled, never let that stop his musical journey. He grew up in a musical family, learning to play the keyboard and drums. During his time in college, he was turned on to jazz and fusion. With encouragement from his friends and family, Don brought “Eloquence” into the

Stephanie Sellars Delivers Jazz Realness On Debut 

‘Girl Who Loves’ Available Now


New York City, New York – June 25, 2020 – Performing and creativity have always guided Stephanie Sellars. They’re what drove her to New York City, and while she strayed away from music for a minute, she managed to find her way back and from that journey came her 2020 debut, ‘Girl Who Loves,’ available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Stephanie Sellars started singing at the tender age of nine. She fantasized about her name in lights throughout her adolescence and by 22 packed her bags and chased her dreams to the Big Apple. While there she explored a number of creative avenues but found herself putting singing on the back burner to focus on her budding film career in 2008. After a decade of studying film and making her own, she got the itch to go

African Love Affair In All Its Splendour

London, United Kingdom — Sunday, May 10th, 2020 — New music from another planet. African Love Affair is out now on all digital music platforms. African Love Affair is an eclectic mix of urban-driven beats with soulful, jazzy, funky, pop, African, and high energy musical sensibilities. Groovy moods, sensual and enchanting voices to keep you spellbound. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Frank Jahloh, weaves his musical wizardry on this 15 songs masterpiece of an album to take all your troubles away.

This album brings together my musical influences starting from when I was a child being taught the clarinet by a Canadian music teacher in Sierra Leone to playing guitar with Indie, Soul, and Rock bands in London. Being mostly self-taught, my music gives me the freedom to go beyond musical boundaries. I hope you enjoy this album as it has something for everyone 🙂

The video to “I Give You All My Loving”, one of the songs from Frank’s a

Grooves Plus Guitar Equals Addiction

Bartlesville, Oklahoma — Friday, February 21st, 2020 — Kevin A Knowles IS every facet of his music.  His heart goes into every instrument. The listener’s heart feels every beat.

Kevin Knowles loves the instrument work of Jazz and the grooves of ’80s and ’90s Urban music.  His arrangements are geared to pair the two in a fun, listenable way.  Four of his albums are available through online retailers and on Spotify.

Kevin says of himself, “I play because I love to share what I hear in my head.”  Perhaps, he just wants his music in our heads.

Kevin A Knowles has another album release as of February 19th, 2020.  To date, the albums: Plans; Kevin; Day By Day; Dusk Or Dawn; and What I Do are all available for listening.

Kevin A Knowles IS his own brand of Smooth Jazz for all listeners.  After all, Jazz was originally intended to make music fun and up-to-date.

Just like the song, Paradigm, Kevin’s goa

Retro-Jazz Vocalist Laura Ainsworth Wraps Award-Winning Year With Japan Distribution Deal

Dallas, Texas – November 4, 2019 – Retro-jazz vocalist Laura Ainsworth has made it her mission to revitalize and reshape 20th-century cocktail/lounge jazz for the 21st century, and this was the year when her efforts began bearing fruit worldwide.

Her third album, “New Vintage,” scored her multiple indie music awards and nominations, “Year’s Best” honors from top

Introducing Jazz Guitarist Jacek Raganowicz

UK Artist With Sights Set On US


Inverness, United Kingdom – October 24, 2019 – Jacek Raganowicz is many things. A guitarist, composer, and leader of his band looking to head to the US and embark on a new journey with his jazz stylings.

When it comes to jazz music, Jacek Raganowicz combines all he knows and displays it wonderfully through a combination of guitar, melody, and rhythm. All of those elements come together and out pours Jacek Raganowicz’s technical efficiency. Throughout his career, his work has always been reminiscent of Pat Metheny or John McLaughlin. He’s been living for some time in the UK, but has his sights set on breaking into the US market.


Chuck Anderson Presents ‘Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works’

New Jazz Album Out Now


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 17, 2019 – Chuck Anderson has almost half a century of experience to his name, and one would think he’d be tired of making music. Those would be wrong. He’s still going strong with 14 original new songs on his latest release, Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

Back in 1974 when disco was all the rage, Chuck Anderson was focusing on the timeless sounds of jazz. A style that never well, goes out of style. Then he teamed up with Al Stauffer (bass) and Ray Deeley (drums) for the debut, Mirror Within a Mirror. After a few years, the guys went their separate ways. All the while Chuck kept his engines running and in 2011 he hooked up with a new bassist and drummer; Eric Schreiber and Ed Rick. Together they focused on the basics, that pure instrumental jazz that takes listeners to a myriad of places. Over the years they’ve done e