Dany L Blackburn Is Breaking Barriers In Alternative Rock

New Singles Will Blow Away Audiences

Bellflower, California – September 25, 2020-  Dany L Blackburn is showing her power as a composer, producer, and musician with the release of the latest rocking singles. “Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through” showcase Dany’s amazing talents as an artist.

“Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through” draw from the depths of Dany’s talent and creativity. Each track is made from scratch, meaning all sound heard in production is original and not made from premade recordings. The songs feature hardcore alternative melodies with Dany’s emotional lyrics. These songs are breaking the barrier in a male-dominated music genre. Both songs are available on streaming platforms.

Dany L Blackburn comes from a strong musical background. Her father was a famed musician, and Dany began her musical path at a young age. She started playing the piano at age

Daniel Roure Delights Jazz Fans With Latest Release

Album Promises A Romantic Mix Of Jazz And The French Language

Toulon, France – September 15, 2020 – Jazz musician Daniel Roure is transporting listeners to the sidewalk cafes and lights of France with his latest album. “Quintessence” has all the jazz melodies fans will love paired with soulful lyrical content.

“Quintessence” features the talent of many musicians as well as the powerful voice of Daniel Roure. The sounds blend together to form romantic, smooth jazz melodies. All of this is overlaid with the amazing vocals of Daniel Roure. Each track is sung with a well-stamped voice, perfect diction, relaxation, and classic charm which is heard across the slow tempos. Jazz lovers will need to add this to their playlist, experiencing a new depth to jazz.

Daniel Roure was born in Marseille and is a singer, pianist, and composer. His music is based on vintage love songs and french adaptations. Daniel rele

Andrew Farmer Releases Album Full of Mystery

Jazz Hits Are A Spy Film Journey

Lansing, Michigan – September 4, 2020- Jazz artist Andrew Farmer has released an album that will have listeners taking a thematic journey. “Redacted Passages” is a fun journey based on spy movies and novels.

“Redacted Passages” is a mix of smooth and lively jazz that will remind listeners of spy glamor. The talented jazz instrumentals will have jazz fans enjoying what the artist calls spy funk. They will find themselves transported to a musical adventure. All this magic is the creative brainchild of Andrew Farmer. The album is available on his website and online streaming platforms.

Andrew Farmer is an experienced jazz musician with extraordinary talent on the violin. Andrew has decades of experience making his foray into crafting fully realized studio work of original material, with the best session and performing musicians. He believes in strong lyrical content to tell the stories he envi

Denis Lyubich Release Soulful Tribute To His City

New Single Is Full Of Love And Hope

Moscow, Russia – September 2, 2020 – Independent artist Denis Lyubich is bringing his love for his home city of Moscow to listeners with the release of his latest single. “Moscow (The City I Love)” contains moving instrumentals that will have listeners transported to another place.

“Moscow (The City I Love)” is a tribute to Denis’ hometown of Moscow. The music represents the mixed feelings of growing up there as well as the beauty and struggle of the place. The song has several dynamic changes of style. The song starts with a silent jazzy instrumental intro but quickly changes to vocal neo-soul and goes to an emotional electronic chorus. Listeners can detect the feelings of the artist through each musical change. The single is set for release on September 5th.

Denis Lyubich is a talented artist from Moscow, Russia who learned to play a variety of instruments, including the trumpe

EveryWhere Music Goes Releases Funky New Jazz Sounds

New EP Promises Fun Entertainment

Ontario, Canada – September 2, 2020 – Jazz Band EveryWhere Music Goes is excited to present fans with their latest creative offering. Their EP “THENFUTURENOW” is a fun NuJazz journey for jazz lovers.

“THENFUTURENOW” demonstrates the creativity of the band during the pandemic. The EP contains 7 great tracks for listeners to enjoy. The funky beats and smooth instrumentals will make listeners forget about their troubles. The band is creating instrumental music using live and digitally recorded instruments that offer a unique collaboration and intense emotional artistic expression. The EP is available on streaming platforms.

EveryWhere Music Goes uses Funk in NuJazz as the vehicle allowing the band to express years of music creation and experiences into NuJazz. The band has been confined to digital recordings because of the pandemic, but that has not stopped them from making wonderful music. They hope their music

The Chuck Anderson Trio Releases Exciting New Jazz Album

Latest Release Has Something For All Types of Jazz Fans

 Conshohocken, Pennsylvania – August 28, 2020 – The Chuck Anderson Trio is getting jazz fans eager to add this newest album to their playlist. “Dominos” features 12 new impressive and original tracks for listeners to enjoy.

“Dominos” is a mix of old and new styles of jazz. The tracks provide a smooth, dynamic experience that will both relax and excite listeners. It is an instrumental recording with jazz guitar, bass, and drums. The players are Chuck Anderson on guitar, Eric Schreiber on bass, and Ed Rick on drums.

The Chuck Anderson Trio is a modern jazz guitar trio exploring multiple forms of the art of jazz. From Swing to Latin to Blues to Ballads, the trio features original material with an emphasis on improvisation. They are led by jazz guitarist and composer Chuck Anderson, who has been delighting fans for many years. Its audience represen