A Ku Stik Roqucer Excites With Orchestral Alternative Rock

New Album Promises A Rock Symphony 

Norfolk, United Kingdom – September 11, 2020 – UK artist A Ku Stik Roqucer, aka Rowlie, is exciting fans with a global release of his latest alternative rock album.  “‘No Words No Title” is an extraordinary musical journey for listeners.

‘No Words No Title’ was recorded virtually by Rowlie, the lead musician. The tracks have the alternative edge that fans love with the blast of the symphony that will have fans hanging on to their seats. Each song contains powerful brass, lush strings, energetic rhythms, and Orchestral Arrangements. Rowlie’s talent is present in each note, taking listeners on a mind-bending musical journey.

Rowlie has played the  French Horn and Piano since his pre-teen years. At university, he studied French horn and tune percussion. Rowlie has an eclectic mix of musical influences, ranging from Tchaikovsky to David Bowie, that has i