The Paul Roberts Association Ushers In The Holiday Spirit

New Song Brings Christmas Joy

St. Clair Shores, MI – September 18, 2020 – The Paul Roberts Association wants fans to celebrate the spirit of Christmas each day of the year with the release of his latest song.  “Every Day is Christmas” is a heartwarming song needed for these troubled times.

“Every Day is Christmas” is a reminder to listeners to cherish the time with their loved ones, not just on holidays. Each day should be full of loving, caring, and giving. Paul Roberts conveys this message through his skillful, instrumental composition. The vocals on the song were provided by former Beach Boy Chris Farmer. The track is perfect for television and film productions.

Paul Roberts’s career began with playing saxophone in high school. Paul wrote his first song “I Don’t Think It’s Wrong” as the first track on his debut album, and would foster his passion for composing for his decades-long c

Tara Kye Release Dance Worthy Pop Song

New Track Uplifts People During Quarantine

Chilliwack, Canada – September 22, 2020 – Tara Kye is bringing a smile to the face of listeners with the release of her latest single based on staying inside during the quarantine. “Roaring into the 20s! – Living in Lockdown is Outta Sight” is an uplifting message for those at home and for anyone needing to feel some happiness.

“Roaring into the 20s! – Living in Lockdown is Outta Sight” has a fun beat that will get people dancing all over the house. The single is great for bringing people together. Tara brings good energy through her happy and fun lyrics. The song will bring a bright moment for those inside their homes. Her newest single is available on streaming platforms.

Tara Kye is an energetic pop artist who has already released several tracks. Tara states: “You only live once – this is your lifetime to start living, enjoy your s

Myyora Offers Music Which Is The Essence Of Life

New Singles Are An Emotional Experience

Aix-en-Provence, France – September 9, 2020 – International pop artist Myyora is getting her fans excited with her latest release of two singles. “After Eight” is a smooth pop single that brings out the essence of music.

“After Eight” is available in two forms for listeners. Released on July 27, 2020, the upbeat pop version of the single will have fans feeling joy and singing along to the lyrics. Myyora’s powerful voice promotes a gentle, hopeful message to listeners. An acoustic, piano version of the single was released on August 28, 2020, offering a peaceful perspective on the pop tracks. Both versions are a manifestation of Myyora’s endless talent.

Myyora was born in London with roots in France, The Congo, and England. She spends time in her London studio making music and the peaceful countryside of France. Called a songstress of the soul, Myyora

Cowboy Is Bringing The Love With A String of Releases

New Singles Are A Pop Romance

Newport Beach, CA – September 11, 2020 – Pop star Cowboy is excited to announce the release of five new songs. “Baby it’s you,” “I am in love,” “Love Arrows,” “Falling in love,” and “How to grow love” are smooth pop sounds that will have fans feeling the love.

Each new song is a romantic melody discussing the different stages of love. Listeners will feel like they are falling in love as they listen to each song, feeling the heartfelt emotions in the beats. The soulful lyrics and voice of Cowboy go straight to the heart, making people enjoy the love they share or are looking for in their lives.

Cowboy is a reggae and pop artist making waves on the music scene. Cowboy has already recorded album worthy songs and hopes to share is music internationally.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Cowb

Joseph Carrillo Offers New Pop Hit Song

New Single Is Fun and Upbeat

Morgan Hill, California – Septemeber 8, 2020 – Pop star Joseph Carrillo is closing out summer with the next pop anthem to get listeners through the rest of the year. “I’m A Celebrity” is a fun tune that will get fans singing and dancing.

“I’m A Celebrity” is full of upbeat rhythms and quirky lyrics that will bring enjoyment to listeners. The pop single also features a Hollywood quality Music Video starring Joseph Carrillo, the famous Celebrity singer-songwriter. The entertaining music video is will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The song is available on streaming platforms and is a must-have for fans of pop music.

Joseph Carrillo is an acclaimed singer-songwriter as well as a YouTube star. Joseph created the 2018 “Pop, A Cappella” studio album “Ultimate Celebrity Blackout” which went viral on social media sites. “Ultimate C

Jo Petit Is Dropping Fun Pop Tunes

Feel Good Music Uplifts Listeners

Ashbourne, Ireland – September 4, 2020 – Pop artist Jo Petit is sending out good vibes with the release of his latest music. His new single “Stressed Out” is relatable to everyone going through crazy times.

“Stressed Out” opens with a fun beat and the catchy lyrics are ready to destress listeners across the globe. The song is a mix of soul with a dash of R&B and Reggae. It’s guaranteed to get toes tapping with the beat. The track was written by Jo and produced by one of Ireland’s top music producers, Billy Farrell. The song has already received thousands of views on YouTube and is available on streaming platforms.

Jo Petit hails from Ireland and is starting to make a name for himself internationally. He is known for his talented songwriting as well as his showmanship. Jo was a member of the Irish boyband The Boulevard whom he toured with for many years. Jo and the band went t

Live Vinyl Release Song To Break Out of Quarantine

New Single Is A Fun Party Anthem

Wantagh, NY – September 2, 2020 – Live Vinyl is getting people dancing in their homes and outdoor shows with this latest release. “Get Out Party Today” is a lively tune that will have listeners turning up the volume.

“Get Out Party Today” has a lively, upbeat instrumental beat and uplifts your spirit and getting fans dancing. With fun lyrics that are easy to sing along to,”Get Out Party Today” tells the story of people being in lockdown because of the COVID-19 health pandemic. Then finally being able to Get Out and enjoy life with a renewed spirit of love, romance, and happiness. The accompanying music video tells a story with amazing visuals and its beautiful message.

Hailing from New York, Live Vinyl is and original and cover band that plays original music, and original renditions of the best classic R&B, Classic Rock, Modern pop, and other song styles. The band was formed

Trenyce Cobbins Brings Hope To All With New Single

Song Encourages People To Keep Going

Los Angeles, CA – August 11, 2020 – Pop star Trenyce Cobbins is a beacon of hope during these uncertain times, releasing music to help heal the soul. Her newest single will make listeners feel everything will be okay.

Trenyce’s latest release is a demonstration of her amazing vocal talents and songwriting abilities. The song was written five years ago, but Trenyce felt like the times people are going through now were perfect for the song’s release. Trenyce wants to inspire listeners to find the light in the darkness during these difficult times. The artist states, “I knew as an artist I wanted to be a beacon of hope in some way.”

Trenyce has an amazing musical repertoire, on and off the stage. She is a former American Idol Alum from Season 2 that evo

Shermano667 Offers New Pop Hits For Fans

New Album And Single Ready For Play

Los Angeles, California – August 4, 2020 – Rising pop star Shermano667 is excited to share his latest creative projects with fans across the nation. With the release of the single “ME & U” and the debut album “EYEZ,” Shermano667 is ready to take over the airwaves.

“ME & U” fulfills the promise of an upbeat pop love song that is easy to listen to. Listeners will feel the emotion behind the lyrics. The music is created entirely by Shermano667 who is a one-man production company. The single is attached to the release of Shermano667’s debut album “EYEZ.” Listeners need to add both to their playlist today and enjoy Shermano667’s unique sound.

Shermano667 claims that music is in his blood. The artist learned to play guita

ViennaCC Releases New EP ‘Made in Quarantine’ 

New Pop Record Available Now 


Vienna, Austria – June 19, 2020 – When the world looks back on 2020, there will be a lot to take in but what one can only hope is mentioned is the art that was inspired by artists’ around the world and their time at home. Unable to play on stage, many artists were left with nothing more than their own creative spirits. With that, pop artist ViennaCC got to work. His time at home has been spent crafting several new songs he released together on June 2020’s ‘Made in Quarantine’ EP, available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

‘Made in Quarantine’ captures various aspects of ViennaCC’s existence during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He revisits all his time watching TV, scrolling through social media, and cooking with “Stay at Home