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Tiffany Blade Brings A Raw New Sound

Hit Single Features Lyrical Flow

Detroit, Michigan – July 28, 2020 – Straight from the Motor City, rapper Tiffany Blade’s raw and emotional sound echoes across the airwaves. Her hit singles, “Mobb Music,” takes you into Tiffany’s world of music.

“Mobb Music” features unique, lyrical storytelling matched by hardcore rap sounds. Tiffany’s powerful voice resonates with listeners. Tiffany’s voice and look shifts from raw sex appeal to soft in moments. At the center of Tiffany’s music and brand is a powerful female artist, showing the males in the industry how it’s done.

Tiffany has been making music since 2005 with legendary Detroit rap Group Street Lordz. She is the niece of the late great Blade Icewood, so music is in her DNA. Tiffany is also a writer, executive producer,

Slimy Boy Draco Casts A Spell With New Music

Harry Potter Rapper Releases Album

Los Angeles, CA – July 6, 2020 – Slimy Boy Draco is ready to draw listeners into the magical world of Harry Potter with the release of his album The Boy Who Lived in the Hood. Slimy Boy Draco’s beats are inspired by Harry Potter. His unique musical interpretation of the books will delight listeners.

There are two singles released on his new album, “If Slimy Was in Ravenclaw” and “Pink Starburst.” Slimy Boy Draco is representing the house of Slytherin with this rap beat. Listeners can feel the magic as they listen to the song.

Slimy Boy Draco began rapping when he was eight years old. Slimy Boy Draco raps under four different pseudonyms: Slimy Boy Draco, Lover Boy Lightning, T

Joe Milli’s project “Made by Milli” is music magic

Joe Milli’s project “Made by Milli” is music magic

Milli creates his own rap sound for music lovers

Akron, Ohio – June 29, 2020Talente rap artist Joe Milli teamed up with fellow musician The Jacka to create “Made by Milli.” The project is a festival of sound, with rap lyrics highlighting the lives and experiences of both artists. People will find themselves immersed in the music, enjoying the unique talents of both artists.

Milli featured The Jacka on every track and produced the entire album. The track “The Goat” highlights the musical composition skills of Joe Milli. The unique music is a testament to Milli’s personal style with the powerful vocals of The Jacka.

Joe Milli styles himself as the “dopest producer” who makes his own sounds.

Introducing Rap’s Latest Phenom FUOWG

New Music Available Now 


Bloomington, Minnesota – May 3, 2020 – No one on earth is without a story. Even a baby born a minute from now has the tale of how their parents met and eventually made them. For some, our stories are bare bones. The basics of human existence, but for othe