Nikia Releases Collection Of Emotional R&B Ballads

Talented Artist Is Upholding A Musical Legacy

New York, New York – October 13, 2020 – R&B artist Nikia is exciting fans with her latest release of nine tracks of smooth R&B music. “For Your Eyes Only” is only full of heartfelt music to bring love to one’s soul.

“For Your Eyes Only” is a mixture of slow, powerful rhythms overlaid with expressive vocals. Nikia’s voice and talented songwriting shine with each song. The opening track “Boomerang” sets the scene for betrayal and longing, telling a story of the heart. The album covers a vast spectrum of emotions, forming a connection with listeners. “For Your Eyes Only” was released on  9/21/20 and a music video for “Boomerang” was released on 10/2/2020.

Nikia comes from a musical family who helped foster her talent and passion. She launched her music career at the age of 13 in pop music and hasn&#821

Candice Dianna Sings An Upbeat Lo-Fi Tune

New Song Mixes Genres

Gold Coast, Australia – October 14, 2020 – Versatile and talented artist Candice Dianna is getting her fans excited with her upcoming single. “Flow” is guaranteed to create a good vibe with listeners everywhere.

“Flow” is a mixture of R&B, hip hop, and Lo-Fi. The song will both soothe and uplift listeners as they push play. Candice Dianna’s emotional and mellow voice displays her unique sound and talent. The song is described by the artist as being cool and suave. “Flow” is set for release on October 21, 2020. The track will be available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Candice Dianna is an “Aussie girl who’s finally found her sound after decades of being in the music industry.” She discovered the type of music she wanted to make and has set out to make her dream come true. She is devoted to making her musical vision come to life.

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Derrel MDA Releases Album Full Of Love

Artist’s Music Is An R&B Thrill Ride

Raleigh, NC – October 6, 2020 – R&B artist Derrel MDA is ready for fans to know his style and music with the release of new music. “Exstacy of Love” is the next groove fans will want for a romantic night.

“Exstacy of Love” is a slow grind of R&B rhythms combined with the smooth, deep voice of Derrel MDA. Each song vibrates deep into the soul, bringing out an array of emotions. The tracks feature masterful production value as well as the powerful lyrics written by the artist. The album is available on streaming platforms. The artist is also releasing singles that are full of the same amazing R&B songs.

Derrel MDA began playing instruments at the young age of three. Since then, he has followed his love of music where it led. Derrel MDA was in a music band with his father R. Alexander Jr. called The Gospel Future. He toured around that nation with this ba

Legendary R&B Crooner Tony Terry Returns With “Born Ta Luv Ya”

New Single Available Now 


Atlanta, Georgia – September 25, 2020 – Veteran songwriter and performer Tony Terry is back and better than ever with his latest R&B creation, “Born Ta Luv Ya.” 

If there is one thing that can be agreed upon it is that R&B is one genre that will never die because it is based on two of the most humanistic experiences; love and heartbreak. Today, the legendary R&B singer Tony Terry is proud to present one of those experiences with his soulful, beautiful new single, “Born Ta Luv Ya.’ The way Tony Terry’s vocals pair with the music, it is like a warm embrace from a loved one – which is something we can all use in 2020. 

Tony Terry is no stranger to music. He got his start as a backup singer for the pop group Sweet Sensat

Genuine Quality Gives Fans Top Rated Music

Fresh Tracks Release Positive Vibes

Richmond, VA – September 25, 2020 – Rising star Genuine Quality is ready to release his brand of R&B music with some hot new tracks. Songs such as “I Know You Love Me” and “Make It” are the feel-good anthems of the year.

“I Know You Love Me” and “Make It” are upbeat songs written and produced by genuine quality. The songs celebrate romance and ambition. Genuine Quality’s music tries to reach all generations of music lovers with its old and new school sounds. The tracks are available on streaming platforms.

Genuine Quality is the next great name in R&B music. The New York-born artist wants to make music that makes women feel loved and generates happy emotions. Each lyric is a love song that listeners must add to their playlists.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Genuine Quality for

Caleya Black Offers R&B With Gospel Roots

New Single Brings Back Old School Sounds

Newark, NJ – September 23, 2020 – R&B artist Caleya Black is hoping to take listeners back to a 90s sound with her latest single. “When I’m With You” will have listeners experiencing what Caleya calls sweet soul.

“When I’m With You” will take listeners back to the 90s with its old school R&B sound. The song and lyrics were written by Caleya, putting her heart and soul into the song’s creation. The track contains harmonic backgrounds that will take listeners on an emotional journey. The song was produced by Milwaukee-based producer, Mike Shaw, who has worked with artists such as Bobby Valentino. The song was released on September 18th and is available on streaming platforms.

Caleya Black is an R&B/soul singer/songwriter from New Jersey, whose style is inspired by her gospel roots and love of the Motown-era of music. Caleya writes

Sargent Tucker Releases New Tracks That Will Take Listeners Away

New Album Is A Rich R&B Adventure 

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 18, 2020 – R&B artist Sargent Tucker will take listeners on a special journey with the release of his latest album. “Let’s Get Away” is a romantic masterpiece that will make music lovers feel less alone.

“Let’s Get Away” inspiration is from the life experiences of Sargent Tucker. Most strongly is the need to get away with someone special and create special memories. The album will feature smooth, melodic R&B beats that will relax and inspire listeners. Sargent Tucker’s powerful, emotional voice sings heartfelt lyrics that listeners will feel deep into their hearts.

Sargent Tucker is a multi-talented, singer, writer, musician, and producer. He started strumming a guitar at the tender age of five and never stopped, allowing his passion to carry him to success. Sargent Tucker released an EP in 2019 titled &#8

Flame Zilch Is Making Chart Topping Music With Fusion Blends

Artist’s Music Is Nothing But Good Energy

Minneapolis, MN – September 15, 2020 – R&B artist Flame Zilch is ready to introduce himself to music fans around the world. The artist is taking over the scene with his smooth voice and mixture of R&B sounds that will delight fans.

Flame Zilch’s recent video and song release “Spade” is showcasing his talent for all to see. Listeners will hear the silky R&B sounds mixed in with a little pop and soul. The song’s energy is relaxing and will take music fans to a happy place. Flame Zilch is creating his original vibe with his unique sound. Head over to his website or YouTube to check out his music today.

Flame Zilch states that music is the number one passion in his life. Flame Zilch is an indie artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer originally from Memphis, TN. He currently lives in Minneapolis. Flame Zilch been performing and maki