Introducing The Next Big Thing In R&B, J. LeGras

“Nothing Better” Available Now 


Atlanta, Georgia – June 23, 2020 – Not every musician on earth was born into the world. Some wake up knowing exactly what they want to do in life others find and finesse their passions along the way. That is the case with up and coming R&B sensation J. LeGras. While music has always been a part of his story, there are so many other chapters to his tale. 

LeGras found himself immersed in music at a young age. He filled his free time with musicals and national choir competitions, but with college in mind and no budget for it – he joined the US Army to help further his education. He spent the next six years serving his country, earning Sergeant status, and earning a BA in Information Technology. All the while, he was songwriting whenever he could. When it

ReyLovesU Teams Up With Juicy J For New Single 

“Robbers” Is Available Exclusively On Soundcloud


New York City, New York – June 24, 2020 – A conversation between friends inspired ReyLovesU’s pen, and from that came a song that would change his life in more ways than one. “Robbers” featuring the one and only Juicy J is available now exclusively on Soundcloud. 

One of ReyLovesU’s best friends recently got sent to prison, and as friends do – the pair talked long and hard about many things, including the friend’s concern about what his girlfriend would do when he was behind bars. He feared she wouldn’t just leave him, but that she would eventually give her love to another. Touched by those sentiments, ReyLovesU started to craft what would become “Robbers.” Once the original version started to gain traction, it caught the attent

Fabian Soul Announces New Single “Slim Thing” 

New R&B Music Available July 10, 2020 


Chicago, Illinois – June 23, 2020 – What is summer without a great R&B jam to listen to by the pool? Exactly. That is why the Windy City’s own Fabian Soul is delivering a heavy hitter come July 10th when he drops his new single, “Slim Thing,” featuring the Grammy-nominated Dottie Staxx. 

“Slim Thing” will be out on all major music and streaming sites come July 10, 2020. It promises to be a soulful delight. With his latest release, “Big Boy,” already dominating Spotify with well over 90,000 streams and counting – there is no doubt audiences are going to listen to “Slim Thing” with the same fervor and tenacity. These R&B gems are just the latest from this maestro. Since his 2017 debut, ‘Can’t Nobody Love You Like I Do

GMackBey, Love Songs and R&B…Old School Style.

DC/MD/VA — Saturday, May 30th, 2020 — If you Like an R&B and Smooth, Soul-Singer to Delight your Sense of Appreciation of REAL Singing…. then GMackBey IS the Vocalist You Are Looking For. Formerly of the Inner Voices, GMackBey’s ability to sing about the Social Issues, Politics, Love, and Lifestyles that affect us all, is strongly represented by the haunting messages he delivers in the neo-soul, old-school harmonies, and tones that only great artists can produce. He is one of the very best.

GMACKBEY has been singing since the tender age of eight in school, church, and community choirs. He picked up playing the guitar at summer camp when he was sixteen and has been amazing audiences with his talents ever since as a Songwriter, Singer, and Producer. His songs and style are inspired by: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Luther Van Dross, and Dru Hill., just to name a few. However, GMACKBEY has a Flow & Style that is truly his own.  Check out h

Brittany Nicole Delivers A ‘Breakthrough’ Performance On Debut 

New R&B Album Out Now 


Riverside, California – June 11, 2020 – Giving a performance void of all distractions many modern artists use today, Brittany Nicole brings forth an R&B record that delivers pure vocals and classic compositions on her debut ‘Breakthrough.’

With a baker’s dozen worth of tracks on ‘Breakthrough,’ there is truly something for everyone as she gives audiences everything from ‘80s throwback soulful pop to classic R&B that you miss from the ‘90s all while being as fresh as today’s hitmakers. ‘Breakthrough’ would not be what it is though without songwriter and producer Carlos Guillen by Brittany Nicole’s side. As the producer, he approached the album’s production with a need to add contemporary touches. The album opens with “Girls Night O