Cocoa Tea Builds Morale With New Single Dedicated To NYC

“Build Back New York” Available Now 


Coconut Creek, Florida – June 3, 2020 – There is no denying that 2020 has been a year unlike any other. With a global pandemic underway, every place on earth was taken aback but some places were hit harder than others. That includes New York City. Seeing their pain and strife, reggae artist Cocoa Tea wanted to send them encouragement the best way he knew how, through song. So he penned his “Build Back New York” as an offering of hope during these times. 

COVID-19 hit New York City like a freight train. With so many people in such a small area, it was infected thousands and left many in mourning. However, many, including Cocoa Tea continued to send their prayers and well wishes, knowing that if there was one place on the map that could pull through –

Crown Champion Productions Presents Jah High Towa ‘Run Away’

New Reggae Album Out Now 


Miami Gardens, Florida – May 13, 2020 – Jah High Towa is on a roll this year. In March he released ‘2020 Banging,’ and he’s already back in the driver’s seat with another with May’s ‘Run Away.’ Both deliver peak reggae vibes that give audiences pristine performances from start to finish

Anthropology Reggae Album Earns Global Recognition

Boston, Massachusetts — Monday, May 11th, 2020 — Amaze’s Anthropology album will be one for the record books as it boasts an international collaborative recording with the Reggae Legend, the late Gregory Isaacs. The album highlights collaborative songs with additional reggae artists on the album project, such as Dhadza D, Promics, Eyetal Fyah, and Hilcardin.

The global reggae audience is celebrating the conscious authentic reggae mixes and lyrical content of the album. The release project marks a significant phase in Amaze’s personal and professional career, as this is his first Album on record.

“Amaze music are Classics; songs that are relatable to the peo

A Tornado About To Hit The Music Industry.

South Africa, Carletonville — Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 — Ghetto use style is a reggae/dancehall type of music. It is of modern times but not moving too far from reggae tradition. This album relates to real people with real-life issues in these trying times.

The album was created this year, it has been released and is available at almost all online stores. It is for everyone because it does not focus on a certain age group or kind of people.

“A tornado can blow everything away but this one has come to blow anyone’s taste in music away”. The time each person will take listening to this album will never go wasted.

This work was very hard to create because of the lack of proper equipment. With lots of dedication, the finest quality was finally achieved.

The album is bringing fresh air to all music lovers. Just because it was recorded as reggae it does not mean it is just pure reggae, this is a fusion of African sounds

Desmond The Songwriter Drops Major Inspo With “Rise Up”

New Album Out April 2020


Bronx, New York – November 20, 2019 – Life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s a sentiment most people can say without a doubt, but when times are tough people like Desmond the Songwriter know the importance of moving forward or rather, rising to the occasion. Which is why his new single, “Rise Up,” is a wonderful push towards bettering one’s current state.

“Rise Up” has a flow that harkens back to the laidback ways of the ’70s, but the arrangement in the music paired with Desmond the Songwriter’s lyrical magic makes for a timeless Reggae experience. The lead single from his upcoming release, “Rise Up” sets the bar high for what’s to come from ‘Happiness is Priceless.” Fans can expect nine more tracks to go along with “Rise Up” when Desmond the Songwriter’s new album drops in April

Lennox B Sends Out ‘Love Vibrations’ With New Album

New Reggae Album Out Now


Los Angeles, California – September 19, 2019 – Lennox B is both thrilled and proud to present the next chapter in his life with his new album, Love Vibrations and it’s stellar lead single, “You And I.”

Lennox B is far from new to the music industry. He got his start as Buppy Brown years ago after spending time as a cruise ship entertainer. Once in Los Angeles, he caught the attention of producer Trenten Gumbs. After that he went on to record five albums, be featured on numerous soundtracks including Blade 2, and even start a movie career – one that is still going strong today. His latest film, Road To Zion, was featured in various 2019 film festivals.

While Road To Zion makes the rounds, Lennox B is heavily focused on his new musical efforts with Love Vibrations. He notes, “The release of this album is the beginning of

Denzil Johnson Presents The Feel-Good Record Of The Year With ‘Reggae Pop’

New Album Out Now


Hamilton, Bermuda – August 27, 2019 – It’s all in the name when it comes to the latest from Denzil Johnson. His 2019 release, Reggae Pop is self-explanatory when it comes to what to expect on the surface but there’s more when you dive deep inside this beautiful blend of sounds.

Presenting good, clean fun Reggae Pop is an album overflowing with everything from brilliant melodies to inescapable lyrics all of which create a sense of excitement throughout the listening experience. For Denzil Johnson this album, along with the entirety of his career thus far and going forward is, has, and will always be about creating a new path, a new direction for music to grow. Evolving sound is what separates a singer from an artist and that is what Denzil Johnson displays time and time again on Reggae Pop.

Denzil Johnson was born with Regga

Root Sea Brings New Reggae With A Fresh Album Release

Atlantic Beach, FL — Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 — It is from the strong pull of Reggae and Dub that gives birth to the sounds of ROOT SEA. The band members consist of both friends and family with a genuine love, passion, and respect for the music who set out to write, record and produce what would be their debut release ONE SEA.

The start of this album began with two friends, singer Joshua Shaw and bass guitar / producer Michael Stauch, feeling a spark of inspiration in the secluded mountains of Northern California in the fall of 2017. This is where the track ‘My Story’ was first recorded. This creative collaboration became the debut album ‘One Sea’. The first track ‘Horizon’ sends an environmental message regarding an end to further pollution of our oceans and waters from plastics. ‘Give the Medicine’ addresses the need for better access to medicinal Cannabis. ‘Tribute to the Farmer’ pays homage to the