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Skii Harvey Offers Songs Written From The Heart

Latest Singles Are Songwriting Masterpieces

Sydney, Australia – October 14, 2020 – Singer/songwriter Skii Harvey demonstrates a lifetime passion for music and her creativity with the release of her latest single. “Not In Control” is inviting listeners to surrender to the music.

“Not In Control” has a jazzy, smooth sound that is rich with mellow beats. Skii’s unique voice sings the lyrics with strong, emotional depth. Her songwriting abilities are clearly heard through the words she sings. “Not In Control” is the second single release following on from the earlier release of “So Cruel.” These tracks are a prelude for an upcoming album, “Broken,” Skii is working on. “Not In Control,” along with her prior releases, are available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Skii Harvey began playing music on an old upright piano squeezed onto a porch. Since then

Kevin Wood’s Latest Release Offers Solace To Others

Pandemic Inspired Songs Gives Love And Hope

Long Beach, CA – October 9, 2020 – Singer/songwriter Kevin Wood has written a song to help people understand the changes that have happened because of the pandemic. “Live With Grace” offers comfort with its message of hope and empathy.

“Live With Grace” features amazing, heartfelt lyrics by Kevin Wood and exceptional instruments. The song was produced by Kevin Wood and Damien Smith. The song features a moving music video filmed by Jen Kennedy. It shows many amazing people, forging a connection to listeners, showing that the artist understands what they are going through. “Live With Grace” is available on streaming platforms worldwide as his other albums.

Kevin Wood has followed his passion for music into the studio and also on stage with the cast of Rent. Kevin’s songwriting style has been described as  “emotionally profound and mus

Keveen Baudouin Release New Solo Project SIDE DƟƟR

New Releases Promises A Unique Musical Experience

Los Angeles, CA – September 29, 2020 – Singer/songwriter Keveen Baudoin is excited for the releases under his solo project SIDE DƟƟR. With the release of his solo EP and an upcoming release in the works, Keveen is making his name shine in the music industry.

The first release under SIDE DƟƟR is an EP titled “Organized Mess” that was released on streaming platforms to great success. The catchy and well-written lyrics showcase Kevee

Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus Release Music For Strength

Music Will Inspire Hope Everywhere

Trinity Beach, Australia – September 21, 2020 – Singer/songwriter Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus expresses her emotions with the release of new music. Four new tracks are an emotional journey into Maggie’s heart that listeners

Maggie’s song “Exit Now” is dedicated to people going through depression, giving them a light of hope. “[email protected]” is a tribute to Maggie’s husband. Her track “Human” is for everyone on the planet, connecting them together through love. “Physical Distancing” ws a track the artist collaborated on with her daughter.

Maggie Cudanin Ebbinghaus is a domestic abuse survivor who turned her pain into music. Maggie believes in the healing power of forgiveness. Maggie hopes to share this belief through her music and inspire others.

To listen to more of her music, or for interested parties to reach out to Magg

Marya Stark Creates A Visual Music Experience

New Album Is For The Heart And Mind

Santa Cruz, CA – September 22, 2020 – Singer/Songwriter Marya Stark is bringing in good vibes with her new concept album. SAPPHIRE promises a zen, transcendental musical journey combined with a stunning music video.

SAPPHIRE is a multimedia production involving illustrations, full lyric video production creating a visual journey of the songs. The album is a labor of love for Marya Stark, who collaborated with other amazing artists to bring the album to life. The songs on the album are about a wide array of emotions: grief, love, femininity, and even climate change. The album is great for people wanting to discover their true selves and reach a higher state of being. The album was released on September 17th and is available on streaming platforms.

Marya Stark is a musician who focuses on music therapy. She has played music from a young age, and believe in its power to transform people. Mary

John Edmond Showcases Impressive Music Career

Artist Has Created A Musical Legacy

Limpopo, South Africa – September 21, 2020 – John Edmond has a storied music career that has spanned decades and has made an impact on the world. His music is inspired by his life experiences that are worthy of stories and songs.

John Edmond was a soldier during the Congo tragedy and the Rhodesian Bush war. These experiences were translated into powerful songs that leave a strong impression on listeners. John’s songs are laced with romance, humor, tragedy, history, and facts. John’s music has inspired generations of listeners, bringing both entertainment and the desire to question everything. John’s songs are evergreen and will continue to leave a legacy for listeners.

John Edmond’s career took him to many places and allowed him to have many roles. John was chosen to represent South Africa at the World Song Festival in Tokyo and had seven national hit songs in a row.

Ross Royce Makes Notable Music For Fans

Singer/Songwriter Produces Powerful Album

Wellington, New Zealand – September 17, 2020 – From the island of New Zealand comes an astounding musical offering from Ross Royce. “The Sky is Calling” will take listeners on an emotional, musical journey.

“The Sky is Calling” features ten great songs all written and composed by Ross Royce. The tracks range from rock-pop-progressive rock-ballads and even include an incredible version of an obscure Rolling Stone’s song called “2000 Light years From Home.” Showcasing his immense talent, Royce plays most of the instruments himself, including vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, as well as the keyboard.

Ross Royce has a stellar career in both the music and film industry. His musical pieces have been featured in movies such as “Amateur Night” with Jason Biggs and Ashley Tisdale and the U.S Netflix movie “Beats” with Anthony Anderson. Ro

Matthew Marren Weaves A Spell With New Music

Latest Album Unites Past and Present

Ontario, Canada – September 14, 2020 –  Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Matthew Marren is bringing a magical mix of genres with his new album. “Transmitting Mysterious Wisdom” is a timeless, musical experience that listeners will feel deep into their hearts.

“Transmitting Mysterious Wisdom” features amazing tracks such as “Airport Troubadour” and “Between Heaven and Earth.” The songs feature the talented instrumentals of Matthew Marren, who plays each one. Overlaying this is the deep and emotional lyrics written by the artist. Each song will transport listeners to places in the past and present, flowing along with the music.

Matthew Marren has an impressive 35 years of experience in the music industry. Matthew’s music is a mix of pop, rock, acoustic, and adult contemporary genres. Matthew performs his songs live, and is seekin

Bones’ New Single Is A Dark Masterpiece

Artist Produces New Sound On Record Label

Ontario, Canada – September 9, 2020- Singer/Songwriter Bones has developed his own record label and is ready to drop his new single into listeners’ playlists. “Face It” is perfect for fans who want a darker edge to their music.

“Face It’ is a gothic, dark journey into the mind and creativity of the artist. Fans can hear the creative instrumentals by Bones that will transport them to another place. Bones’ unique melodies challenge the modern idea of music. The new single is now out on all digital platforms and on Bones’ website.

Bones is a creative singer and songwriter from Canada. He has been a vocalist, working with other musicians/bands in areas such as Toronto, Niagara, and Los Angeles for seven years now. Bones created his record label, Bones Music, as a space for artists to express their creativity away from mainstream ideas.

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Leo Ribeiro Releases Exciting Fusion Album

Each Track Is An Eclectic Composition

Leopoldina, Brazil – September 4, 2020 – Leo Ribeiro is fusing Brazilian sounds with other forms of international music in his latest album. “PAISAGEM” features not only the talent of Leo Ribiero but the musical stylings of the Dudu Lima Trio.

“PAISAGEM” has a unique mixture of Brazilian music, new age, classical guitar as well as pop, and dance music. Each track is a stunning musical experience with an extraordinary blend of sound. For example, “Balada” is a nice party pop/dance in Ed Motta Brazilian style (or 1980s disco). Leo Ribiero’s talented singing is supported by the instrumentals of the Dudu Lima Trio. Dudu Lima has played for many years with the great Brazilian musicians, such as João Bosco, Milton Nascimento, and others, as well as with the North American Stanley Jordan. The album is available on streaming platforms.

Leo Ribeiro began a 30-ye