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Ross Royce Makes Notable Music For Fans

Singer/Songwriter Produces Powerful Album

Wellington, New Zealand – September 17, 2020 – From the island of New Zealand comes an astounding musical offering from Ross Royce. “The Sky is Calling” will take listeners on an emotional, musical journey.

“The Sky is Calling” features ten great songs all written and composed by Ross Royce. The tracks range from rock-pop-progressive rock-ballads and even include an incredible version of an obscure Rolling Stone’s song called “2000 Light years From Home.” Showcasing his immense talent, Royce plays most of the instruments himself, including vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, as well as the keyboard.

Ross Royce has a stellar career in both the music and film industry. His musical pieces have been featured in movies such as “Amateur Night” with Jason Biggs and Ashley Tisdale and the U.S Netflix movie “Beats” with Anthony Anderson. Ro

Matthew Marren Weaves A Spell With New Music

Latest Album Unites Past and Present

Ontario, Canada – September 14, 2020 –  Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Matthew Marren is bringing a magical mix of genres with his new album. “Transmitting Mysterious Wisdom” is a timeless, musical experience that listeners will feel deep into their hearts.

“Transmitting Mysterious Wisdom” features amazing tracks such as “Airport Troubadour” and “Between Heaven and Earth.” The songs feature the talented instrumentals of Matthew Marren, who plays each one. Overlaying this is the deep and emotional lyrics written by the artist. Each song will transport listeners to places in the past and present, flowing along with the music.

Matthew Marren has an impressive 35 years of experience in the music industry. Matthew’s music is a mix of pop, rock, acoustic, and adult contemporary genres. Matthew performs his songs live, and is seekin

Bones’ New Single Is A Dark Masterpiece

Artist Produces New Sound On Record Label

Ontario, Canada – September 9, 2020- Singer/Songwriter Bones has developed his own record label and is ready to drop his new single into listeners’ playlists. “Face It” is perfect for fans who want a darker edge to their music.

“Face It’ is a gothic, dark journey into the mind and creativity of the artist. Fans can hear the creative instrumentals by Bones that will transport them to another place. Bones’ unique melodies challenge the modern idea of music. The new single is now out on all digital platforms and on Bones’ website.

Bones is a creative singer and songwriter from Canada. He has been a vocalist, working with other musicians/bands in areas such as Toronto, Niagara, and Los Angeles for seven years now. Bones created his record label, Bones Music, as a space for artists to express their creativity away from mainstream ideas.

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Leo Ribeiro Releases Exciting Fusion Album

Each Track Is An Eclectic Composition

Leopoldina, Brazil – September 4, 2020 – Leo Ribeiro is fusing Brazilian sounds with other forms of international music in his latest album. “PAISAGEM” features not only the talent of Leo Ribiero but the musical stylings of the Dudu Lima Trio.

“PAISAGEM” has a unique mixture of Brazilian music, new age, classical guitar as well as pop, and dance music. Each track is a stunning musical experience with an extraordinary blend of sound. For example, “Balada” is a nice party pop/dance in Ed Motta Brazilian style (or 1980s disco). Leo Ribiero’s talented singing is supported by the instrumentals of the Dudu Lima Trio. Dudu Lima has played for many years with the great Brazilian musicians, such as João Bosco, Milton Nascimento, and others, as well as with the North American Stanley Jordan. The album is available on streaming platforms.

Leo Ribeiro began a 30-ye

“Santa” James Zyla Singer/Songwriter and Piano Musician

Ontario, California — Monday, June 1st, 2020 — “Santa” James Zyla is a Singer/Songwriter and Piano Musician that grew up in England, then came to Hollywood. He played music and sang in Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars in England and then in California, Nevada, and Arizona to standing room only crowds. With a following of over 10,000 Fans and Friends, he regularly broadcasts his music on Facebook on James Zyla’s Internet Piano Bahn, and on YouTube on his “Santa” James Channel.  “Santa” James is the consummate Entertainer, with a song, a poem, a joke, and a hug for all that he meets! With a photographic memory, he wins the hearts of his fans.

“Santa” James has written and recorded over 50 songs and would like to share his songs with upcoming artists that need a hit.  His talent is genuine, and his keyboarding skills were honed over 62 years in the music industry.  His music is upbeat, and he can share emo

Alex Ashline announces the Launch of AshlineMusic with the releases of his five brand new singles!

Conyers, GA, Rockdale county — Monday, May 11th, 2020 — Alex Ashline is better known as a Powerhouse, ambitious, and a man gifted with many talents, has found his mark in the music industry! Not only has Ashline prove to be a top artist with five of the original songs he released, but a business guru. Ashline said he was tired of being just the man in the studio and being told how to chase his dreams. “It was time for a change,” Ashline said. Ashline quit him over the road trucking job to come home and do one thing and that was to chase his dream. Ashline is now the founder of AshlineMusicLLC and made a promise, not to a few, but the world that he will deliver the best AshlineMusic.

Alex Ashline created AshlineMusic not just for his music alone, but for the world to be apart of something much bigger than Ashline. Ashline said his drive came from knowing his music would someday make a difference and impact many lives. Ashline has been known to

New Album Release by Chloe Levaillant That Will Touch Your Heart With Breezy Vocals and Elegant Acoustic Soundscapes

London, England — Friday, April 10th, 2020 — Chloe Levaillant, up and coming French/British singer-songwriter recently released her second album; Skywalker. Through her poetic lyrics, crystalline vocals, and elegant arrangements she brings us something heartfelt that reflects her unique journey from girlhood to womanhood.

The Album as a whole embraces fear and the power that we all have within us to come to the edge of our fears and jump before we fall. It was released on platforms such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud in June 2019. It will be re-released to more mainstream media platforms such as Spotify, Napster, i-tunes, and youtube in April 2020.

“If you find yourself in the never-ending search for music from contemporary artists which hits you with weighty resonance, prepare to be enamored by French up and coming artist Chloe Levaillant’s single “You Look Up”.

All too often Acoustic Folk can register as fractured and whimsical, ye

New Zealand Singer Songwriter Stefanie Steven got hit by a bus just like it was in the movie “Yesterday”. Unfortunately the rest of the story is different. She bought herself a ukulele, recorded two albums in the smallest studio on the road, living in a motorhome travelling through New Zealand. Her latest music video is called “Dire Straits” where she is playing an original Charlie Musslewhite Harp as featured instrument (they’ve met in Fiji). The Video was mostly shot in the Molesworth Souts Island and in times of the Corona Virus – this could be a movie sound for a new western cowboy movie. She would appreciate your feedback.

New Zealand — Thursday, March 26th, 2020 — Where are you, Hero? We really need you! We’re living in such “Dire Straits”
These are the main lyrics for Stefanie’s latest Video mostly created in the Molesworth in the South Island of NZ.
In times of the Coronavirus, this song seems like a movie melody for a brand new western style cowboy hero.
Stefanie certainly would have enjoyed playing an original Charlie Musslewhite Harp on this recording. She was inspired after meeting him in Fiji a few years ago. unfortunately, she got hit by a bus while biking in Rotorua and this has stopped her from recording her 2019 album.
Stefanie Steven is a german-born “Travelling Philosopher”, Sports Coach and a New Zealand Singer/Songwriter. She has performed all over the world for the last 25 years and decided in January 2017 to finally write and record her own songs while traveling through New Zealand. Her firs

Hot New Jazz & Neo – Soulful Funk Singer /Songwriter

Winter Park, fl — Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 There is no sound more soothing than the sound of jazz, and For over her forty-four years of life, Yolanda Nollie has mastered the art form. Drawing inspiration from some of the icons of the genre like Gladys Knight, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, and Eartha Kitt, Nollie has developed a unique take on smooth jazz that blends equal parts neo-soul and dance house funk to create tunes that have immeasurable replay value.  Her latest release, “A Moment Into Time,” is a five-minute masterpiece displaying her incredible vocal range and her ability to riff over lush piano melodies. She enjoys bringing the energy of her recordings to the stage for live performances and can be spotted next at The Abbey in Orlando, Florida, on January 9th. Her next single, “So UnReal,” will release on February 15th, 2020 and show off the more energetic side of her personality with

Introducing Singer-Songwriter Tommy Raphael

New Music Available Now


Somerset, New Jersey – January 15, 2020 – A storyteller at the core, Tommy Raphael is an aspiring singer-songwriter with a batch of new songs available for purchase, streaming, and the airwaves out now.

“In every song, there is a story to tell either happy, sad or something between,” this prolific songwriter notes as he looks at his discog