Denis Lyubich Release Soulful Tribute To His City

New Single Is Full Of Love And Hope

Moscow, Russia – September 2, 2020 – Independent artist Denis Lyubich is bringing his love for his home city of Moscow to listeners with the release of his latest single. “Moscow (The City I Love)” contains moving instrumentals that will have listeners transported to another place.

“Moscow (The City I Love)” is a tribute to Denis’ hometown of Moscow. The music represents the mixed feelings of growing up there as well as the beauty and struggle of the place. The song has several dynamic changes of style. The song starts with a silent jazzy instrumental intro but quickly changes to vocal neo-soul and goes to an emotional electronic chorus. Listeners can detect the feelings of the artist through each musical change. The single is set for release on September 5th.

Denis Lyubich is a talented artist from Moscow, Russia who learned to play a variety of instruments, including the trumpe

Dave & The Family Hustle Releases Single With Staying Power

Dave & The Family Hustle Releases Single With Staying Power

 Altadena, California – August 26, 2020- Dave & The Family Hustle is getting fans excited about the release of their newest single. “Gonna Stay” has the hip hop sound with a flair of soul music to entice listeners.

“Gonna Stay” is an emotional song with all the flavor of hip hop and soul music. The song’s lyrics illustrate the ups and downs of relationships, the commitment, the sacrifices that must be made, and just the growing pains of love. Listeners will relate the song, feeling the love and loss they have experienced in their lives. “Gonna Stay” will be part of an album Dave plans to release in 2021 along with the songs “Flawed” and “Priceless.”

Dave was signed with Zenobia Records earlier this year. When he is not making music, he is a hardworking man. Music has been a passion of his for the past 20 years. Dave has wr