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Trigo Limpo Pays Homage To Rihanna With New Single 

“Rihanna” Available Now 


Windhoek, Namibia – June 26, 2020 – Music has a lot of powerhouses, but few are as revered around the world as Rihanna. The Barbados-born singer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur has been owning it since making her debut in 2005. Fans across the world have embraced her, and now Trigo Limpo is paying homage to all she is, all she does, and all she represents with their single “Rihanna,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

“Rihanna” is as fresh and enticing as the woman it is about. From the press of play, the undeniable ways of the music embrace while the lyrics dance in and out of listeners’ ears. All the while inspiring them to move their bodies in unimaginable ways to the dynamic music Trigo Limpo delivers throughout. A myriad of style

Bilingual Urban Pop Artist Jay Max Sets Himself Apart With New Single

“Say To You” Available Now 


New York City, New York – June 5, 2020 – It has only been a couple of years since Jay Max started pursuing music but what he’s dropped throughout 2020 already showcases his talents are that of someone doing music for at least a decade. With that, the 18-year-old continues to impress with his latest single, “Say To You.”

If there was one up and coming artist to place money on in the urban pop realm, it’d be Jay Max. The New York City-based singer-songwriter came out of the gate with all lights shining bright on him with his debut single “Sigo Aquí.” He followed that up with two more Spanish singles that continued to prove his prowess. Jay Max was attending Berklee College of Music in Boston earlier this year but had to head home due to COVID-19. He made the b

Insyde Proves He’s Got “Something Real”

New Single Out Now


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – September 19, 2019 – The willingness of one’s will to not only survive but thrive when faced with constant hurdles only makes them stand taller. With that, Insyde is one of the tallest artists out there. From his time in foster care to his Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis at a young age to the haters, Insyde has overcome them all and is still shining bright with his latest single, “Something Real” featuring Hennest and Tot.

To date “Something Real” has been streamed almost a quarter of a million times. Which is a surprise to no one as his debut single, “Sometimes,” has been streamed over two million times. But with all the love, came the inevitable internet trolls. Their vicious comments towards Insyde’s wonderfully crafted soulful pop meets hip hop track made the young artist shy away from social media for a while. H

Introducing Pop’s Latest R&B Dynamo Taylen Delgado

New Single “All My Girls” Out Now


York, Pennsylvania – July 29, 2019 – If there was ever a time for a new girl power anthem to take over, it’s now and Taylen Delgado is delivering it with her pop meets R&B flare on her latest single, “All My Girls.”

With her best friends in mind, Austrailian’s own Taylen Delgado’s latest single “All My Girls” is a celebratory anthem for not only friendship but the power of women all over the world. Not only is the message one that many can attach themselves to and proudly sing along to, but it’s also a stellar pop song. With elements of R&B in Taylen’s vocals, she’s more than an automated pop singer. Her range elevates her performance throughout and the beat is well, unbeatable to say the least.

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