Tee Dottarachi Announces Third Release Of 2020 

‘Champagne Parties 2’ Out June 15, 2020 


Chicago, Illinois – May 25, 2020 – Dubbed The Real 90s Baby, Tee Dottarachi has come for the R&B crown with an unmatched intensity. He dropped his debut, ‘Faithful, in March 2020, followed that up by ‘Champagne Parties’ in April, and will follow those both up with June’s ‘Champagne Parties 2.’ 

10 songs deep, ‘Champagne Parties’ features a healthy dose of R&B delights that put a modern twist on the classic sounds that came from the soulful hits of the ‘90s as well as upbeat hip hop tracks. Songs like “Hit My Phone” and “Party At My House Freestyle” show off his rap skills, while “Feel It In Yoo Soul” displays his soulful vocals throughout a song that is tailor-made for reminiscing. He notes, “If you’re in your feeli