Mr.1up Releases A Fun EDM Adventure

New EP Is Surging Up The Charts

Salisbury, Maryland – September 18, 2020 – Mr.1up is challenging the way people listen and enjoy EDM with the release of his new EP. “Open” is a musical adventure that will have fans transported to a different space.

“Open” contains for imaginative tracks that redefine the genre. The mix of fast and slow tempos creates a masterful mix of electronic music. Whether for dancing or relaxing, each track offers a soundtrack for life. Mr.1up is demonstrating his talent for mixing music. The EP is available for purchase from Itunes, Amazon, and other sources.

Mr.1up became interested in music as a teen and followed that passion into making a career. Mr.1up taught himself how to play instruments and how to work a turntable. Taking his name from video games, the artist hopes that people will feel leveled up after listening to his music.

To listen to more of his music, or

John McDonald Release An Acoustic Tribute Album

New Songs Are An Acoustic Masterpiece

Arnoldsville, Georgia- September 18, 2020 – John McDonald took his heart and soul and put it into the creation of his latest album. “On a Magnolia Wind” is an acoustic and blues mix that offers a heartfel tribute to past artists.

“On a Magnolia Wind” serves as a tribute to two of John’s favorite songwriters, John Prine and Guy Clark, both of whom recently died. It also contains original tracks and tributes to other beloved songwriters. The songs will have a bluesy twist that listeners will love. The album was released on September 1st and is available on streaming platforms.

John McDonald has been playing/singing blues and Americana music for over 45 years. He started a band called “Buddy Funk” that became famous in California. After moving to Georgia, he continued his storied music career. He began releasing solo albums and singles in 2017. His uniq

Myyora Offers Music Which Is The Essence Of Life

New Singles Are An Emotional Experience

Aix-en-Provence, France – September 9, 2020 – International pop artist Myyora is getting her fans excited with her latest release of two singles. “After Eight” is a smooth pop single that brings out the essence of music.

“After Eight” is available in two forms for listeners. Released on July 27, 2020, the upbeat pop version of the single will have fans feeling joy and singing along to the lyrics. Myyora’s powerful voice promotes a gentle, hopeful message to listeners. An acoustic, piano version of the single was released on August 28, 2020, offering a peaceful perspective on the pop tracks. Both versions are a manifestation of Myyora’s endless talent.

Myyora was born in London with roots in France, The Congo, and England. She spends time in her London studio making music and the peaceful countryside of France. Called a songstress of the soul, Myyora

Ross Royce Makes Notable Music For Fans

Singer/Songwriter Produces Powerful Album

Wellington, New Zealand – September 17, 2020 – From the island of New Zealand comes an astounding musical offering from Ross Royce. “The Sky is Calling” will take listeners on an emotional, musical journey.

“The Sky is Calling” features ten great songs all written and composed by Ross Royce. The tracks range from rock-pop-progressive rock-ballads and even include an incredible version of an obscure Rolling Stone’s song called “2000 Light years From Home.” Showcasing his immense talent, Royce plays most of the instruments himself, including vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, as well as the keyboard.

Ross Royce has a stellar career in both the music and film industry. His musical pieces have been featured in movies such as “Amateur Night” with Jason Biggs and Ashley Tisdale and the U.S Netflix movie “Beats” with Anthony Anderson. Ro

Lestnitsa Offers Rock With Russian Roots

New Song Gets Fans Ready For An Album

Melbourne, Australia -September 17, 2020 – Australian folk-rock band Lestnitsa is hyping up their fanbase both in Australia and abroad with the release of their latest song. “Red Coat” is an international blend of styles that has a music beat for everyone.

“Red Coat” taps into the band’s Russian roots as well as its upbeat rock style. The song had just the right amount of edge that will delight rock fans. The track features the talented instrumentals of the band. Their unique sound is a must-have for any playlist.

Since its formation in January 2018, Lestnitsa has been embracing its Russian roots and modern rhythms to produce a soulful blend of folk, rock, and strings. All pieces are the originals and carry images of life and hope that will remain with listeners.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Lestnitsa for an int

MMS Is Making Some Noise On The Rap Scene

New Rap Artists Takes Music To A New Level

Chattanooga, TN – September 17, 2020 – Rap group MMS is ready to take on the music world with their brand of raw and powerful rap. The duo has started recording music and is already making a name for themselves in the music world. 

The group has most recently released a track called “Tyler’s Favorite Song.” It’s an edgy rap melody written with intense rhymes. The group showcases their life experiences and desire to make a statement. Rap loves will want to add this track to their playlist immediately.

MMS is ready to see the world and make a name for themselves on the rap charts. They will soon be on award shows, winning the award for best rap albums in the future.

To listen to more of their music, or for interested parties to reach out to MMS for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show can make contact via the infor

ScrewFace Pelle Is Fresh Act On The Rap Scene

Upcoming Artist Is Making Sure His Music Is Heard

Brooklyn, New York – September 15, 2020 – Emerging from the underground rap scene, ScrewFace Pelle is climbing up the music ladder with this talent and determination. His releasing new tracks to get fans excited to check out this artist.

ScrewFace Pelle released a video and song called “Top Shotta.” The track drops fierce rap beats with the creative, lyrical storytelling by the artist. The song flows smoothly, showcasing the talent of the artist. ScrewFace Pelle is predominantly a rap artist, but experiments with other genres as well. Rap fans need to check out this artist immediately to find out what they are missing.

ScrewFace Pelle began his life in Kingston Jamaica. He was raised in the heavily populated Caribbean neighborhood of Crowns Heights in Brooklyn, New York. The artist started rapping as a way to fit in with his American friends. He has not stopped