Solaz’s Brings The Heat With “Endless Summer”

New Single And Video To Be Released

Lake Worth, FL – July 2, 2020- KumRock! singer/guitarist Solaz is ready for the double video and single release of “Endless Summer” to wow listeners. The rock genre created by Solaz will be the new sound of the summer. Listeners will be rushing to add this single to their summer playlist.

Music lovers can sample “Endless Summer’s” video on YouTube or download from music streaming channels. The rock song celebrates both American and Spanish music in this unique mix. Listeners will find themselves taking a journey as they put in their earbuds and turn on “Endless Summer.”

Solaz, his band, created KumRock! The band has [email protected] an international tour in South America, introducing the country to its wide palette of music. Their debut son

SouthEast! Does Big Things With New Single 

“EX Wife” Available Now 


Los Angeles, California – June 3, 2020 – SouthEast! is bringing the heat with his latest single release, “EX Wife,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Born in Malawi, Africa SouthEast! has seen the world and then some, but decided when it came to making his presence known in music there was nowhere else better to be than Los Angeles. So he set down some roots and got to work. Now he’s ready to make a huge splash this summer with his debut single, “EX Wife.” With vibes that make it a great contender for hip hop stations both out west and throughout the rest of the US, it’s an infectious treat for music fans near and far. 

SouthEast! got started in music years ago. As a kid, his interest in

Sir Gangsta. T Presents ‘Party All Night, Vol. 7’

New Hip Hop Album Out Now


Detroit, Michigan – June 4, 2020 – Sir Gangsta. T’s life wasn’t always on an upward trajectory, but he managed to turn things around and is now not only an entrepreneur in music and beyond, but also a talented rapper with a new album out now. 

2003 was a rough one for Sir Gangsta. T. He was incarcerated for armed robbery, but once his five years were up and he was out – he made major changes to his life. He went back to school in 2009 and graduated with a business management degree. Upon graduating he started a successful moving company in 2012. Having been musical since he was a teen, he saved up and started his own record label, Hartless Records,  in 2017. Sir Gangsta. T didn’t just want to be the boss man, but also an artist. With that he started dropping

Michelle Hicks Brings “The Light” With Upcoming Release

New R&B Album Out July 7, 2020 


Boston, Massachusetts – June 30, 2020 – Michelle Hicks is giving listeners a taste of what’s to come from her upcoming release, ‘The Light,’ with the release of the bonus track “The Music,” available now on Apple Music. 

Not only is Michelle Hicks an R&B performer who has been producing for well over two decades. On top of that, she’s a well-versed writer and educator who penned 14 tracks on her upcoming July 2020 release, ‘The Light.’ Audiences can hear what’s to come on the bonus track “The Music” that dropped a week ahead of the album. It presents the unique and heartfelt music that is to come from ‘The Light.’ 

Boston born and raised, Michelle Hicks has spent her career inspired by a v

Paco Ca$h Drops Debut Single “Show Out” 

New Rap Single Available Now 


Lake Charles, Louisiana – July 3, 2020 – If there is anyone who knows the reality of the struggle, it’s Paco Ca$h. He has had numerous roadblocks come between him and making something with his musical abilities, but the clouds have passed and the sun is shining as Paco Ca$h has unveiled his debut single thanks to Seventy Seven Entertainment, “Show Out,” available now on Soundcloud. 

It doesn’t take long for the beat of “Show Out” to burrow itself in the head of those who press play on this dynamic hip hop track. The title serves as the hook, and with it comes a hyped experience throughout as Paco Ca$h delivers the Southern rap charm in a way that feels finessed in all the right places. A stellar performance for a debut s

Julian Kerins Wows With Cameo In Lamb Of God’s New Music Video

Kerins’ Single Gaining Huge Success After Video Appearance

New York City, New York- June 30, 2020- Singer-songwriter Julian Kerins wowed fans with a cameo in Lamb of God’s new music video for “Gears”, a Sony Music Production. The cameo follows the release of his new single “Vie” which has netted over 2 million views on YouTube and shows no signs of slowing down. His already devoted following is growing more quickly than ever following his latest cameo. The edgy, energetic video for “Gears” is on track to net 1M views in just a few days.

Kerins is gaining success the world over with his lyrical skills, songwriting skills, 6-octave range, ability to hold notes for 1 full minute, and phenomenal instrumental work with bandmates Michael Vetter (drums) & Michael Schuler (bass).

His career as an award-winning frontman has brought him to manager Rick Barker, former manager of Taylor Swift. His tours have taken him to SXSW, Gre

Introducing The Dynamic Duo That Is Risky Bidnis

New Hip Hop Music Available Now 


Warren, Ohio – June 30, 2020 – There are so many great things that come in pairs, especially when it comes to music. From Simon and Garfunkel to Outkast, there has never been a lack of great pairings in music, and Risky Bidnis plan on keeping that sentiment alive as these Ohio-based talents came together years ago to deliver a wonderfully blends hip hop and electronic beats seamlessly. 

Risky Bidnis is composed of John13sie (John Siedentopf) and Lymbeaux (Kenny Oliver), and they have been making music together with their entire lives, but took things to the next level several years ago. Apart John13sie shines as a lyricist with his rhymes, while Lymbeaux holds things down as a tech wiz who does everything from spinning as a DJ to engineering to mastering various instru

Purple Tone Flower Drops Third Single From Upcoming EP

“If I Were” Available July 17, 2020 


Santiago, Chile – July 3, 2020 – Mauricio Flores Sánchez’s solo pop-project Purple Tone Flower is proud to announce the third single from his upcoming EP, “If I Were.” The single will be available on all major music and streaming platforms on July 17, 2020, with the EP to follow in September. 

Purple Tone Flower kicked things off in April 2020 with the release of his debut single, “I Wanna Make It.” “We Will Fight For Us” followed soon after, and next up he will unveil “If I Were,” the third single from his debut EP set to drop in September 2020. “If I Were” was inspired by a situation that presented itself when the musician took his young son with him to run an errand, and he noticed the child’s youthful face both amazed and a little

Robert McKay Delivers Variety With ‘Brand New Old School’

New Adult Contemporary Album Available Now 


Victoria, Texas – July 1, 2020 – When it comes to packing all one can into an album, Robert McKay did just that. Writing every song on ‘Brand New Old School’ but the wonderful cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” he brings about a myriad of genres to the table. ‘Brand New Old School’ is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

As soon as one hits play on ‘Brand New Old School’ they’re welcomed by the warm embrace of “Would That Love.” Starting with a beautiful Americana feel fans of bands like The Avett Brothers would find themselves attached to. While songs like that offer an upbeat vibe, “One More Conversation” gives way to a more heartfelt performance. There is a lot of balance found within the confines of this record th

Twenty Announces New Music’s Coming In July 2020 

“Running” Featuring Ashley Rose Available Soon 


Chicago, Illinois – July 1, 2020 – Twenty has a couple of hot tracks out now but is about to raise the heat this summer with the July 2020 release of his new single “Running” featuring Ashley Rose. It will be available on all major music and streaming sites soon. 

When it comes to killer collaborations, look no further than the Windy City’s own Twenty. He dropped “Money Right” featuring Breana Marin within the last year and proved that he’s a team player and executes like no other. He plans to impress again. This time with the talented Ashley Rose by his side on his upcoming July 2020 release, “Running.” It promises to be the summer anthem you didn’t know you needed, but won’t be able to live without. On top of that, you can hear