2316 Tha Company Announces Second 2020 Release From Good God 

‘Xf Coxrse’ Out Soon 


Cleveland, Ohio – March 20, 2020 – Good God has been wasting absolutely no time in 2020. He already dropped ‘Cxld Wxrld’ in early January, and will soon release ‘Xf Coxrse’ in a few weeks. 

‘Xf Coxrse’ comes from Good God’s label, 2316 Tha Company. An R&B album with hints of hip hop throughout, ‘Xf Coxrse’ is made up of pillow talk and modern-day love songs. To women past and present who may think this one’s about them, Good God assures this record has no particular woman in mind. With a variety of styles including alternative and pop in the mix, this album is constructed of the myriad of emotions that come with falling in love and navigating relationships as a whole. 

Good God has been making music since he was a tween, but didn’t start recording until 2018. With that, 2316 Tha Company first came about thanks to Good God’s friend and business partner Ryan Dixon. After Dixon lost his life in a robbery attempt gone wrong, Good God stepped up to take control of the operation. 

“I’ve seen it all, and I just want to make music to inspire the world because that’s always been what I truly wanted to do.” – Good God 

Those interested in adding new R&B to their playlists, reviewing ‘Xf Coxrse,’ or interviewing Good God can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Good God, please visit: https://www.goodgod.store/


Good God is set to release his second album of 2020, ‘Xf Coxrse,’ on his label 2316. 

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