5ive Ft Giant drops new Single/Video

Swagger is king in modern R&B, and for 5ive Ft Giant, it’s a key ingredient in the recipe for success he’s been following since first coming into the industry a number of years ago. His new single, “Let’s Dance,” and its companion music video take us into the easy-living lifestyle 5ive Ft Giant celebrates in his work; rather than lamenting, he’s out for celebrating in this track, and he isn’t hiding behind metaphors in telling us as much. A rapper with a melodic wit as sharp as they come, this is an artist everybody in the underground south would be smart to take note of right now. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5iveftgiant/?hl=en

Both the video and the single are sporting an excellent production quality that appeals to the mainstream but doesn’t leave the DIY aesthetics that gave 5ive Ft Giant his start in the dust for anything, and the fluidity of the verses is clearly organic from beginning to end.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/5ive-ft-giant/200900790

There’s nothing synthesized for the benefit of the lyrics nor the instrumentation; it seems to me like that kind of fluff would have only gotten in this man’s way. He’s too powerful a vocalist to work with heavy modulation, and for me, that’s what makes him the undiscovered superstar he is today. 

I just got familiar with all of 5ive Ft Giant’s work this summer, but I’m planning on sticking around for more of his content as he cultivates the style he’s set up for himself here a little further in future recordings. The confidence he has in the booth is actually really inspiring when taking into account how much of an elegiac theme hip-hop and R&B have been burdened with on a commercial level in the last few years. Optimism goes a long way in times like these, and his is a strain I want to acquire more of soon.

Zachary Rush