Aggrozilla Beats a Different Path

aggrozilla-reviewAggrozilla really sets himself apart from the crowd in the electronic scene. “Shine On” proved that electronic music isn’t all void of lyrics. When it comes to “Zilla Time!” it’s all about being tossing you for a loop. It starts out slow and almost easing and then it drops and gets a little vulgar and definitely heads down a different path. Things wouldn’t be cool without a video game inspired ditty, which is just what “Filthy 80’s Gameroom V2.0” is. If Mario and Luigi took off to a rave, this song would be their jam. First video games and then the walking dead. Aggrozilla is really going for a Comic-Con crowd with “Zombie Raver.” The song’s cool, but it can get comical imagining an actual zombie raving…If you’re into techno that is more than beats, check out Aggrozilla now. (