Alex Blizzy Releases ”A Step Behind”

In his inaugural studio album, A Step Behind, Alex Blizzy showcases his exceptional talent for crafting timeless Americana music that sets him apart from his peers. This collection of meticulously crafted folk, country and rock songs possesses a distinctive charm that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Originating from Nashville, Tennessee, Blizzy skillfully combines familiar elements with his unique touch, evident in his heartfelt and distinctive nasal vocals. The album’s expansive soundscapes, adorned with lush reverbs and intricately layered instrumental tracks, particularly highlighted by an array of characterful and diverse guitar melodies. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world Alex Blizzy has created.

Blizzy opens with the title song “A Step Behind” and it is a smooth introduction to his sound. It’s welcoming, catchy and relatable. The delivery is well done and I found the chorus to be memorable. I found it to be a very unique type of song that people can play any time. It’s definitely the kind of song you would hear on the radio.

Blizzy goes into a warm melancholy on “Drinking Town” but also rises and rises to something more hopeful. This juxtaposition works as the song takes you on a pleasant emotional ride. “Wrong End of Goodbye” was one of my personal favorites. This song has a nice mix of country and rock. I also thought the vocal performance was exceptional.

The soft and pensive “These Footsteps” weaves in an intriguing narrative from a third person perspective. Blizzy again does a great job conveying different shades of emotion. I found the hook to be very hopeful and even motivational sounding.

“Comin’ For You” is a blast. This is the song that will get people on the dance floor. “Even The Strongest Girls” and “Love On Paper” were both emotional and continued with well told narratives. The other single worthy song has to be “Culture King” which is infectious and repeat worthy. “Never Felt Better” is a warm send off that brings everything together.

Blizzy is one talented guy and I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate his debut. His songwriting, while not reinventing the wheel, is well done. It’s cohesive and was a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end.

Zachary Rush