Amilia K. Spicer – Fill Me Up

Amilia K. Spicer – Fill Me Up 


“Fill Me Up” is the first single from Pennsylvania bred singer/songwriter Amilia K. Spicer’s new album Wow and Flutter. It’s the natural next step in a career burning with tremendous talent from her first efforts onward. The rarity of an artist of any age, gender, or genre to emerge so fully rounded as Spicer did and her skills have grown exponentially since her debut. Spicer’s fully rounded skills extend far past her memorable vocals – this isn’t a case of a singer elevating otherwise pedestrian material. Instead, Spicer’s newest song shows how capable she is of bringing together genuine lyrical facility with musical acumen in a package ensured to entertain anyone who hears it. This is music that communicates instead of attempting to impress listeners with its virtuosity and the statement it makes is as human as it comes. The vulnerability and musicality on display in “Fill Me Up” is an excellent look into the new album from Spicer. 

It isn’t just a vocal and lyrical performance, however. The musical arrangement for “Fill Me Up” will find favor with a large group of music fans. Everyone from blues devotees, folk lovers, and classic country fans will quickly be enamored with the low-key shuffle, the slowly rising intensity of the performance, and how artfully she brings other instruments into the picture as the performance goes on. There’s a number of very pleasing turns that the song takes and a perfect sympathy is struck between the playing and Spicer’s singing. The song has an airy ambiance, another hallmark of this style, but she distinguishes herself by taking on a slightly larger than average canvas and showing every bit of the necessary talent to spread vivid color across every inch of that canvas. The platform established by this musical performance gives Spicer a lot to work with and she takes advantage of it all.  

The singing is amazing from the first syllable onward. Spicer takes care and time to make great use of the material while still maintaining all the necessary pressure to make the song resound with her intended audience. She knows when to push her issues and when to withdraw – this sort of artfulness isn’t usually something singers learn but, instead, are born with. She adopts the same approach of allowing the song to breathe by approaching the vocal in such a way. The lyrical content is wonderfully descriptive at times, but it is written in such a way that it allows listeners a chance to derive whatever meaning you wish from her writing. The same focus she’s shown in both the musical and vocal presentation extends, as well, to her writing and there isn’t a single extra word marring the entire track. “Fill Me Up” has substance, atmosphere, and intelligence – but it is also has a palpable tenderness quite unlike anything else you’ll hear from similar performers. Amilia K. Spicer comes out of this performance sounding every bit like the world-beater she’s advertised as and one can only expect her album will make her biggest impact yet.  


Joshua Stryde