Anaya Delivers Pure Bliss with ‘Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey’

Award Winning Composer Inspires with Latest Release

Brasilia-Federal District, Brazil – March 28, 2019 – Conveying emotion through song is nothing new. Turn on any radio and one can hear an array of songs with lyrics about this and that, but it’s those musicians who take it back to the days when music was void of words that truly have mastered the emotive response music can have. Musicians like Anaya, a composer who breathes new life the neo-classical realm each and every time she releases new music. This time with her 2019 release, Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey.

Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey is like the best night’s sleep without closing one’s eyes. The compositions found within this album deliver arrangements fit for a comforting dreamscape. Very much like that of a film score, Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey offers breathtaking instrumentals such as “Ethereal Love” and “Sacred Heart.” Each song stands on its own, but it’s together that they hold up this record with passion and ease. Fans of everyone from Enya to Shubert will surely become fans of Anaya after one listen.

No one should be surprised by the immense talent found in Anaya though. This timeless composer has been working on her music since her interest was sparked in the creative arts at four-years-old. Over the years she’s been able to master not only the guitar, drums, and piano but also her vocals as well. All of her hard work has granted her the gift of performing her award-winning music around the world. On top of all of her musical endeavors, Anaya also has a Post Doctorate degree from Syracuse and is working for the University of Brazil and the United Nations as an Information System Specialist.

Anaya is an impressive, talented force both in music and beyond. Her latest Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey is out now. Those interested in reviewing Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey, featuring music from the album, or interviewing Anaya about all of her successes can reach out via the information provided below.


Anaya is a world-renowned, award-winning composer up for two Indie Music Channel TV Awards that will be presented at the GRAMMY Museum in April 2019. She also has a new album out now, Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey.

4D Eternity
– Clouzine International Music Award: Electronic Album
– The Akademia Award: Electronic Album
Isalc”Li: a Love Odyssey
– The Akademia: Best Ambient-Instrumental
Aligned by the Universe
– Clouzine International Music Award: Best New Age Album
– Global Music Awards: Best New Age Album

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