AV Super Sunshine is back yet again with “Candyland”

AV Super Sunshine is back yet again in 2019 with even more exciting and evocative energy in a pair of mixes sure to get you grooving and feeling empowered. “Candyland,” the latest single from AV available in both a radio edit/dance party mix and a rock mix, is a shot of adrenaline straight to our collective chest, throwing blow after blow of sonic heat at us through a fiery beat certain to make even the most devoted of wallflowers want to shake, rattle and roll. From the crunch of the instruments to the sugary melodies that they turn out on command, “Candyland” is a track that almost any audience can get into without any formal introduction to its composer.

URL: https://www.avsupersunshine.com/

As its board game reference of a name implies, there’s a very childlike innocence to the harmonies that drive this single home in its most climactic of moments. The rock mix is a little more streamlined than the radio edit is, but both contain what is essentially the same pattern of grooves and melodic layers – though arranged in a slightly different way, depending on the version we’re listening to. They’re equally simple and anti-overindulgent in stylization, which actually makes both tracks suitable for mainstream airplay.

The bassline in the rock mix is really thrilling and arguably as powerful a force as any of the guitar parts are (if not a touch more in the lead up to the chorus), which isn’t something that I was expecting here but enjoyed just the same. AV has never been one to load his music up with a lot of excessive bass tones in the past, and while I’m not accusing him of doing as much in this single, he’s absolutely letting the bottom-end get a little crazier in “Candyland (Rock Mix)” than it has been in similarly hard-hitting recordings.

Although I think that the beats in “Candyland (Radio Edit)” are club-ready and more customized to fit in with electronic pop, they’re really surreal and even a bit psychedelic from certain angles. One thing that listeners should anticipate from any AV Super Sunshine track is a healthy dose of dual-aesthetics, and whether it be mixing artsy concepts with straight forward pop melodies or bending a heavy rock riff into something that R&B fans could swing to, he tends to find a way of making every song a unique work of art that could never be imitated by anyone else.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/avsupersun-justlikekurt/sets/candyland-radio-rock-mixes

No matter which of these two mixes you fancy the most, AV Super Sunshine has got a slew of melodies that you won’t forget hearing this fall in “Candyland,” which is absolutely one of his most impulsive and energetic singles out this season. AV is getting a lot more attention than he was in 2018 right now, and even tougher critics are being forced to admit that his skills have never been more on-point than they are here. He and his enigmatic collaborators have earned every bit of the hype, and if you’re still not sure for yourself, you need to get ahold of this track as soon as possible.

Jamie Morse