AV Super Sunshine’s “Super Cool”

Depending on your perspective, the abstract backdrop atop which we’ll find AV Super Sunshine dropped in the new music video for his single “Super Cool” will either be disturbing or decadently stimulating for the eyes, and no matter which, it’s impossible to look away from once you’ve pressed the play button. AV Super Sunshine is becoming a bit of a titan in the American underground lately, and if you’re curious what all the fuss has been about, you really needn’t look any further than this music video for clarity on the subject. In an age when rock has lost a lot of its rebellious grandeur, this is one loyalist keeping its spirit alive. 

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AV’s lead vocal has matured marvelously in the past three years that I’ve been keeping up with his career, and I would even say there are a couple of moments in “Super Cool” where he sounds like he’s producing more texture in the mix than the guitar parts are. This isn’t consistently the case, given the menacing growl his six-string emits at the most opportune of moments, but it’s still an observation that really impacted my initial sit down with this latest release. 

Despite what I can only describe as being postmodern elements in the music video, the total package being presented to the viewers here is very professional and polished (as all of the work we’ve seen and heard from AV Super Sunshine has been to date). If there’s one player around these days who takes the intricacy of his artistry more seriously, it’s this guy, and the very detailed relationship between the visuals and the soundtrack in this piece should be enough to make this clear to anyone watching. You have to see it for yourself to really understand, which is usually a good thing when it comes to pop music. 

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AV Super Sunshine is always a safe bet for fans of the alternative pulse in music today, and in “Super Cool,” he reminds us why he’s become the master he has with a panache as unique to his sound as his own voice is. “Super Cool” might not have the trappings of a mainstream offering, but it’s not supposed to; it’s a snapshot of an immortal oddness that could only ever belong to the rock n’ roll genre, and if history has taught us anything, it won’t be any sort of long-term ceiling for this ever-evolving artist. 

Zachary Rush