B.U.S Brings the Party

B.U.S ReviewB.U.S aka Business Unlocks Success delivers a party with every step. With T-World, B.U.S give us a great time with “Celebration.” It’s definitely a song you’d hear on a summer mixtape alongside Lil Wayne and LMFAO. That’s the variety it packs within its confines. The party don’t stop as “All We Do is Party” comes on and it takes us for a wild ride. It has these layers that include everything from industrial fixes to eletronica. In “Ready to Go” you hear a track that would fare well if MTV still tried to do something during Spring Break. Remember how great that week or two on that channel was? Well if they ever wanted to bring it back, we’d like to suggest they book B.U.S for one or two of the events because this is a good time put to song. It doesn’t quit and you never want it to. If you’re a fan of music that makes you move and go all night long, check out B.U.S now. (https://www.jango.com/music/B+U+S+Business+Unlocks+Success+)