Big Water, Solid Sound

big-water-reviewBig Water throws you for a loop. “Stop & Boogie Down” has a little funk to it. You think from the look of the band and the name, you’d have more of a country feel – instead we’re grooving to a great beat with this one. With “Life on Earth” you hear this solemn intro. The heart comes through with each drawn out note escaping the speakers. It’s like that of a choral chant in some ways. “New Day” comes with that same amount of heart, but has a more modern approach. Also, after all of that, what’s most interesting is that Big Water is a one man show. A tall man that towers over a crowd, his music sounds like something from a timid soul at times, never overbearing listeners but instead guiding them towards musical ecstacy with all his tunes from his 2001 debut “Look, Listen and Feel” to his latest, last year’s “Whut?!” Those interested in hearing more from Big Water, can check out all he has to offer now. (

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  • Love his music and his heart for the human race. Check out Team Human too.

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