Boots’Beats Pops Off

BootsBeats ReviewBoots’Beats pops and that’s not joke. “Timeless” has a very upbeat R&B/pop feel like something you’d hear from Usher. He then gets a little island with “What’s Going On.” It’s an easygoing track that just allows you to groove to the music nice and slow. Things pick up and get a little sass with “Badass.” It’s still a great pop song, only with a bit more bite to it. That idea keeps on going with “My Jungle,” while Boots’Beats starts to bring the fun with “I Wanna Party.” That one is definitely a weekend anthem. That and “Ya Number,” which an addicting piece of music. You can’t help but sing along and dance too! If you’re a fan of well crafted pop music check out Boots’Beats before you do anything else. (