Brian Vetter Faces Love And Loss With Debut ‘Facing The River’


Chicago, Illinois – July 29, 2019 Music has always been a part of Brian Vetter’s life, but after years of wondering what he could do he took the leap and decided to show the world what he was capable of with the release of his 2019 debut, Facing the River.

“I tried to convey musically and poetically some of the emotions and experiences of life. I’m sure everyone can relate to at least one of the songs.” – Brian Vetter

After spending hours upon hours writing this album, Brian is happy to share it with the world. Knowing just how crazy the world is, he decided to capture the twists and turns of reality in the title of the record as one never knows what a river may hold for them ahead. It’s more than a great title though, Facing the River is a well-written and performed record throughout.

Facing the River kicks off with a beautiful, uplifting melody that carries listeners in the door, sets them down, and preps them for what’s to come with “Wait.” Other songs such as “Restless Lies” and “After All” showcase the more rocking side of what Brian can deliver, while “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” satisfies those who love a grand gesture put to music.

Currently, Brian Vetter is working on getting a band together to tour this fall. Those interested in reviewing Facing the River, featuring it on their playlists, or interviewing this talented singer-songwriter can reach out via the information provided below.

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Brian Vetter is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter with his debut, Facing the River, out now.

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