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What Do You Get When You Mix Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Demarco, and Homeshake? An interesting artist like Renold.

Newark, DE — Monday, April 27th, 2020 — It’s obvious the world is running very low of unique individuals who are proud to be whole with all their perfections and imperfections. This even pours into music nowadays and explains why the art form is flooded with a tremendous amount of duplicates that aren’t taking enough risks with the craft. This artist “Renold” is creating music that has the potential to make listeners ditch the normal stigma around a rapper by giving his audience a new style of Hip-hop. Renold’s pride in being his true self is displayed so evidently in his sound through lyrics and production as he tells the world his story, a story that many others may share.

Renold speaks for every person who has ever felt trapped, misled, and shut out by societal norms that one can’t pursue a passion that makes them happy and that men can’t be vulnerable and honest with their feelings. After diving beneath the up

The Calling Of Linear’s Former Boy-band Member Wyatt Pauley Was Out Of Necessity

Reading, Berkshire — Friday, April 17th, 2020 — Having recognized the influentially he possesses from being the lead guitarist in former boy-band “Linear”, it was “Out Of Necessity that Wyatt Pauley continued his musical journey.

There are no boundaries when it comes to this resilient, multi-talented Music Major who thrives on the next singer/songwriter.

Built for the chase means lasting the pace with long term plans incorporating UK Label In-Ex Records.

Having toured the world and achieved his wildest dreams, it became evident to Wyatt the influentially he possesses from being the lead guitarist in former boy-band “Linear”, it was “Out Of Necessity that Wyatt Pauley continued his musical journey and formed Pauley Lane Band.

This leads to the composition, production, and release of his new compilation album titled as visioned, consisting of 10 tracks combining independent artists and musicians from

Alex Ashline announces the Launch of AshlineMusic with the releases of his five brand new singles!

Conyers, GA, Rockdale county — Monday, May 11th, 2020 — Alex Ashline is better known as a Powerhouse, ambitious, and a man gifted with many talents, has found his mark in the music industry! Not only has Ashline prove to be a top artist with five of the original songs he released, but a business guru. Ashline said he was tired of being just the man in the studio and being told how to chase his dreams. “It was time for a change,” Ashline said. Ashline quit him over the road trucking job to come home and do one thing and that was to chase his dream. Ashline is now the founder of AshlineMusicLLC and made a promise, not to a few, but the world that he will deliver the best AshlineMusic.

Alex Ashline created AshlineMusic not just for his music alone, but for the world to be apart of something much bigger than Ashline. Ashline said his drive came from knowing his music would someday make a difference and impact many lives. Ashline has been known to

Anthropology Reggae Album Earns Global Recognition

Boston, Massachusetts — Monday, May 11th, 2020 — Amaze’s Anthropology album will be one for the record books as it boasts an international collaborative recording with the Reggae Legend, the late Gregory Isaacs. The album highlights collaborative songs with additional reggae artists on the album project, such as Dhadza D, Promics, Eyetal Fyah, and Hilcardin.

The global reggae audience is celebrating the conscious authentic reggae mixes and lyrical content of the album. The release project marks a significant phase in Amaze’s personal and professional career, as this is his first Album on record.

“Amaze music are Classics; songs that are relatable to the peo