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Tyte Muzik Entertainment Presents Two New Singles From Mac Tyte

“Prepared” & “No Regrets” Available Now 


Memphis, Tennessee – May 29, 2020 – Mac Tyte has been making big moves in the hip hop game. Not only as the founder and CEO of Tyte Muzik Entertainment, a label that delivers everything from R&B to rock and everything in between, but also his own music including his latest singles; “Prepared” and “No Regrets.” 

Both released this year, Mac Tyte’s latest singles showcase a level of sophistication in terms of the production. These are stories and Mac Tyte is ready to deliver their tales. “Prepared” starts with this surprising neo-soul like bridge that leads into a hard-hitting cascade of verses that allow Mac’s way with words to shine. As for “No Regrets,” the start is almost cinematic. A car chase that you want to know more

Debbie Defire Bares All In Heartfelt New Single From Upcoming Release

“My Love” Available Now 


Birmingham, United Kingdom – May 28, 2020 – The past year has been challenging for Debbie Defire. When she lost her husband to cancer in August 2019, it seemed impossible to go on, but she found an inner strength to push forward. Her upcoming release EP, ‘Where Do I Go From Here’ is not only an homage to her late husband but was composed by him as well. A perfect gift to celebrate their love. While the new album is not expected until later this year, Debbie Defire is sharing a piece of it now via her latest single, “My Love.” 

Debbie Defire spent three days in a Tanzania room crying, writing, and singing. The result? ‘Where Do I Go From Here.’ The title track was created after three days in a Tanzanian studio and reflects the isolation she was feelin

7th Element Come Together For “Pandemic Of Love” Project

New Inspirational Videos Out Now 


Winter Garden, Florida – May 22, 2020 – There is no denying the world is in a bit grim place right now. With stay at home orders continuously extended, social distancing to remain safe has many feeling isolated and alone. That’s especially true of musicians. Not only are they missing their fans due to not being able to perform live, but those in groups are missing their bandmates. With all of that in mind, Christian acapella group 7th Element wanted to come together the best way they could to deliver a glimmer of hope to those around the world with their project, “Pandemic of Love.” 

Currently all six members are at their own homes, but thanks to technology they’ve been able to come together to deliver four new videos featuring classic inspirational songs they

Norris Williams Uplifts With New Gospel Single 

“Worship You” Available Now 


Miami, Florida – May 28, 2020 – Norris Williams’ time on earth so far has seen its fair share of high and low points but through it all he’s continued to move forward thanks to the power of God. Now he’s hoping to bring that same joy and inspiration to others through his music, including his recent single and video, “Worship You.” 

His fourth single since hitting the scene in 2016, “Worship You” is a pristine gospel song that has all the makings of a classic. From Norris Williams’ vocals that sound like a warm embrace feels to the prowess of his delivery and the heart of the lyrics; it’s all there. On top of that, the video is a delightful clip that showcases Williams’ in various Floridian places giving a stellar performance throughout. It is easy t

Karl Bierbaumer Delivers Hard Rock To The Masses With ‘Snakeblood’

New Album Out Now 


Gottsdorf, Austria – June 5, 2020 – Karl Bierbaumer cranks up the volume and does more than his fair share to make sure rock is hard again with his latest release, ‘Snakeblood.’ 

While this EP only has four songs, the power each of them pack is that of a full-length LP. Karl Bierbaumer brings hard rock to the table, but in a way that showcases what a maestro of music he is. “Breathin” is a ballad for those who’ve felt they were at the end of the line, but eventually find the will to continue forward, while “Still In Me” is a dreamscape encased in melancholy that has a surprise, chaotic ending. Of course, the album also contains signature hard rock ways in the title track as well as a song that those who had had one too many on the weekend can find solace in with “1,

Tee Dottarachi Announces Third Release Of 2020 

‘Champagne Parties 2’ Out June 15, 2020 


Chicago, Illinois – May 25, 2020 – Dubbed The Real 90s Baby, Tee Dottarachi has come for the R&B crown with an unmatched intensity. He dropped his debut, ‘Faithful, in March 2020, followed that up by ‘Champagne Parties’ in April, and will follow those both up with June’s ‘Champagne Parties 2.’ 

10 songs deep, ‘Champagne Parties’ features a healthy dose of R&B delights that put a modern twist on the classic sounds that came from the soulful hits of the ‘90s as well as upbeat hip hop tracks. Songs like “Hit My Phone” and “Party At My House Freestyle” show off his rap skills, while “Feel It In Yoo Soul” displays his soulful vocals throughout a song that is tailor-made for reminiscing. He notes, “If you’re in your feeli

Sargeant Q Takes One Of America’s Biggest Problems With New Single 

“Cry, Pt. 1” Available Now 


Charlottesville, Virginia – May 27, 2020 – America’s history with racism stems back to it’s “discovery” in 1492. Since then a system was set in place to ensure a certain type of people is in the driver’s seat. As years progressed, we’ve watched with the false hope that racial tensions would become a thing of the past, but today we continue to see news stories of unarmed Black men and women taken down by their neighbors, and even worse – police. Having had enough, Sargeant Q put his frustrations to song with his latest single “Cry, Pt. 1.” 

“I just wanna cry. I don’t wanna have to die.” 

That line alone speaks volumes about what Sargeant Q and many like him face on a day to day basis in Amer

Henry Williams, Jr. Marries R&B & Jazz On ‘The Catalogue’ 

New Album Available Now  


Yeadon, Pennsylvania – May 27, 2020 – After several years releasing original music, Henry Williams, Jr. is back with his second LP, ‘The Catalogue.’ 

Henry Williams, Jr. dropped his debut back in 2013. ‘Mr. Nasty’ featured 10 tracks and served as his reintroduction to the world, as he’d spent years doing Top 40 converse in clubs around New York City. A few singles and an EP later, he’s back with his sophomore LP, ‘The Catalogue,’ and this time he’s doubled his original offerings. Yes, ‘The Catalogue’ houses an impressive 20 tracks that serve a variety of moods. Those who want to move about the dancefloor have “It’s You” while those looking for romance can turn to the embrace of “This One Is For You.” All 20 tracks were written,

Julian Kerins Releases Powerful New Single “Vie” 

‘To Solemn Maia’ Available Now 


Lake Ronkonkoma, New York – May 26, 2020 – Julian Kerins is proud to present the latest single from 2020’s ‘To Solemn Maia,’ “Vie.” 

One listen to ‘To Solemn Maia’ and fans of everyone from Incubus to Stone Temple Pilots will be hooked as Julian Kerins’ vocals are on par with the leading men of those chart-topping mainstays. However, it seems as if many of those fans have already caught wind of Julian Kerins as their latest single, “Vie” has already amassed an upwards of two million views on YouTube. That teamed with almost 50,000 monthly listeners proves Julian Kerins is a force and “Vie” is just another example as to why. As Julian Kerins’ vibrato takes the lead, “Vie” would be a welcomed addition to the rock radio realm.