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Gospel Artist Avis Marie Bickham Brings The Lord’s Light Closer

New Album Is A Testament To God’s Love

Baton Rouge, LA – August 5, 2020 Singer and Minister Avis Marie Bickham is sharing her faith through her music with her newest album, “I Am Sure.” This release is a musical testimony to God’s love for humanity.

“I Am Sure” is a spiritual journey and a strong testimony to faith. Avis’ emotional and uplifting lyrics will reach the hearts of all listeners. Each track answers the question of whether God is present in the world. Avis’ love of music and for God is present in each note. “I Am Sure” is available on Spotify and her website.

Avis Marie Bickham started singing at the age of five and was part of the church since the age of 12. She fell in love with the piano as well, making it her instru

Rock Lp’s Music Tells The Story Of The Hustle

New Album Is A Hip Hop Showpiece

Salt Lake City, UT – August 3, 2020 – Up and coming hip hop artist Rock Lp is bringing a fresh style to the music world. “Momentum” tells a story of the hard work and grind the artist has experienced in his life.

“Momentum” is a tale about Rock Lp’s hustle to get into the music industry and make himself a success. Each song on the album is about motivation, determination, and someone’s mindset can change their lives. The music is a refreshing mix of change of hip beats and progressive change. Listeners will connect with the themes laid out in each track.

Rock Lp’s music career began when he started playing piano when he was seven. Rock started writing his songs at the age of 12, and also added the guitar to his repertoire. Rock had struggles gr

Les Fradkin’s Music Predicts The Future

Album Tells The Story Of Life As People Know It

Jefferson, CO – August 7, 2020 – Producer and composer virtuoso guitarist Les Fradkin is a visionary with the release of his album “The Les Fradkin News.” The album is relevant to the times that the world is currently going through.

On the album, “System Crash” was composed of predictions of the future which have now come true. Each tack contains lyrics that are relevant to what the world is currently undergoing. It also features the skillful playing of Les Fradkin, which draws in listeners. It will make them feel like they are both in the past and present.

Les Fradkin is a music genius and an innovator Starr Labs Ztar. Les employs futuristic playing techniques realizing Progressive Neo-Classical Rock from the Pioneer of MIDI Guitar. His s

Youngsmoove Is Setting A New Groove In R&B

New Music Is Hit After Hit of Fresh Sound

Yazoo City, Mississippi – August 7, 2020 – Bringing his soulful voice to the music scene is Youngsmoove who is impressing listeners with his new music. His new single “Honey Love” guarantees an enjoyable musical experience.

“Honey Love” is the lead single for an upcoming album release from Youngsmoove. The song will have the deep, powerful voice of Youngsmoove and the smooth beats of R&B. Listeners can expect the song to available soon on all digital platforms. Fans will be rushing to get to know this new artist and his great music.

Youngsmoove is an up and coming R&B singer/songwriter from Yazoo City, Mississippi who has been singing since he was 12. The passion for singing also gave way to a love of dancing. The artist has comb

BugattiBone’s New Song Will Raise The Roof

Hit New Rap Single Is Ready For Fans

Baltimore, MD – August 5, 2020 – BugattiBone of As I Should Records is ready for fans to turn up the volume on his new single. “Drippin Sauce” is the latest rap hip and his challenging listeners in a fun way.

“Drippin Sauce” has a deep bass line featuring the smooth voice of BugattiBone. The song is meant to be turned all the way up on the speakers. Additionally, the artist is doing a Drip Your sauce Challenge on TikTok. Go to TikTok type in BugattiBone Drippin Sauce and upload your best Drippin Sauce video for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon. Tag BugattiBone and #DripYourSauceBugatti for a chance to win. 

BugatiiBone is a talented musician and the CEO of As I Should Records. BugattiBone has been rapping for most of his life, and his style

Veritas Brings The Truth With Powerful Rock Sounds

Band Ready To Release New Album Under New Label

Kansas City, KS – August 6, 2020 – Rock band Veritas is psyched to release their upcoming album to fans across the world. The new album is part of their new deal with their record label and the band is excited about the release.

The new album promises the best rock sounds along with the creative songwriting from the band. Veritas has been hard at work recording/mixing/mastering the full cd. They signed a deal for worldwide physical/digital distribution through Amplified/Alliance Distribution, and set a released date for 8/28/2020. Be ready to download this awesome album when it drops for an amazing rock experience.

Veritas was formed in 2012 by Greg Wenk, the guitarist, in Kansas City, KS. In 2017, Veritas was able to get Mark Zonder (Fates Warnin

A10 Raps About Rising Up and Overcoming

New Song Is Life’s Latest Anthem

Kansas City, Missouri – August 6, 2020 – Rapper A10 is ready to make a statement with the release of his latest song. “Tired” is a rap anthem about overcoming what life throws at people.

“Tired” features raw beats with emotional lyrics by A10. The artist talks about the situations he has been through in life that have brought him down. The song relates to how tired A10 is of all problems and difficult times. A10 just wants to provide and support his kids throughout the struggle. Although the song seems dark, there is a note of defiance, saying he will overcome.

A10, aka TenTen, is a single dad with three kids, finding his way to make happen in the tough music game. A10 has been making music since the age of 7 and continues to progress more and more wit

Queennak Is Set To Become The Queen Of The West

Release Of New Album Will Set The World On Fire

New York City, New York – August 6, 2020 – Journeying from China, Queennak is set to gain the crown of another nation with the release of her new music. Queennak’s “What’a Guan” is a powerful cultural blend combined with amazing music.

“What’a Guan” is Quennank’s debut album and promises to wow listeners. The album was supposed to be released in March 2020 but due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the release had to be canceled. A pre-release party was held for the album recently, generating lots of hype.The show was divided into 3 parts, with the Afican Performances, Asian, And American. Listeners will soon have the album on their playlists.

Queennak, aka Neneh Ada Yang, is a musical artist, visual artist, humanitarian, an activist. Her b