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The Sewer Buddies Present Punk For All Ages With ‘Butt Brains’

New Children’s Punk Album Out Now 


Boston, Massachusetts – May 22, 2020 – The Sewer Buddies believe everyone deserves a little punk rock in their lives, no matter how old. So they set out to make kid-friendly punk and have carved out a niche all their own since their debut in 2017. Now they’re ready to keep on rocking it out with their 2020 release, ‘Butt Brains.’ 

The cover art alone is enough to make anyone, child or adult, interested. A Bigfoot-esque character high fiving a unicorn – it’s like something one would see animated alongside ‘Adventure Time.’ Once inside the music, The Sewer Buddies deliver on the promise of punk. It’s traditional punk music created with younger fans in mind. Songs like “Hard Times For The Boogey Man” and “Doggy Dance” present exhilarating b

Oldsouthgg Has 20/20 Vision This Year

Two New EPs Available Now 


Seaside, Oregon – May 22, 2020 – Oldsouthgg realized after one too many shifts at his current gig, that he had to make some big changes in 2020. With two EPs out now, he is ready for the world to recognize his talents. 

In 2019 he release two EPs, ‘Cosmic Hurricane’ and ‘Cosmic Hurricane 5.0.’ Each features a trio of songs that bring about something new about Oldsouthgg to the table. From the first, “Around the World” delivers a laidback beat that allows the power of his vocals to shine as they command attention from the press of play. On the latter, “Compadres” shows how well he can collaborate with this track featuring the likes of Manny Bank$$ and Dr Weathers. While that same ‘5.0’ EP presents the catch radio-ready “Vigil” as well. Oldsouthgg n

Solex Takes A ‘Smooth Ride’ With New Album 

New Jazz Album Out Now 


Locust Grove, Georgia – May 22, 2020 – There is nothing as freeing and invigorating for jazz artist Solex than driving. So much so, it was the basis and inspiration behind his 2020 release, ‘Smooth Ride.’

16-tracks deep, ‘Smooth Ride’ is what you’d expect to hear driving up and down the coast with the water on one side and the rest of the country to your other. The title track kicks things off with perfection, and it only gets better from there as “Make Yourself At Home” brings sensual notes to the table, while “Can’t Compare” delivers music that serves R&B, radio-ready realness through and through. Blending wonderfully constructed smooth jazz with classic, soulful R&B, ‘Smooth Ride’ is guaranteed to be a fan favorite among those who live for soul

S. Tryon Street Band And Gerald Moore Join Forces For New Single 

“You’re The One” Available Now 


Charlotte, North Carolina – May 22, 2020 – Working alongside the smooth vocal stylings of Gerald Moore, the S. Tryon Street Band presents their newest single, “You’re The One.” 

“You’re The One” is a beautifully done contemporary gospel song that marries the wonderful arrangements brought on by the S. Tryon Street Band with Moore’s classic, soulful ways. It doesn’t hurt that behind the scenes Teddy Young was working his magic producing every step of the way. Young spent much of the ‘70s and ‘80s drumming for the likes of Joe Simon and Wilson Pickett. Today, he’s lending his skills to the S. Tryon Street Band and Gerald Moore’s latest single. 

The S. Tryon Street Band is a 12-member horn band tha

Put Your ‘Full Focus’ On Brooklyn’s Quest Legendz

New Hip Hop Album Available Now 


Brooklyn, New York – May 20, 2020 – When it comes to taking the independent route, no one has traveled it as wisely as Quest Legendz. At it for over a decade, the Brooklyn-based rapper delivered his third album earlier this year when he dropped ‘Full Focus.’

‘Full Focus’ is made up of hot tracks that shine a light on Quest Legendz’s way with words and clear deliveries that make his storytelling abilities stand out from the cascade of mumble rappers currently on the charts. He brings mid and up-tempo instrumentals to the table time and time again throughout as songs such as “Spazz Out Spazz Out,” “Speaking in Tongues,” and “Trolling” guides listeners through the soundscape Quest Legendz constructed on this record. 

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Omari Releases New Music Video For “I Am Healed” 

New Gospel Video Out Now 


Tamarac, Florida – May 20, 2020 – Gospel dynamo Omari is proud to announce the release of his new video for his beautiful song, “I Am Healed.” 

In a time where our news feeds continue to be dismal, songs like “I Am Healed” are a welcome breath of fresh air. While the song is an inspiring tale sung wonderfully by Omari, the video takes it to new levels. Filmed in a picturesque wooded area, the colors pouring from the North Carolina foliage of Maggie Valley surrounding Omari jumps from the screen and invigorates those who watch just as much as the encouraging lyrical flow. “I Am Healed” is featured on 2019’s collaborative ‘Healing Project.’ The album features an array of gospel singers including Kevin Downswell, Alaine, Paul Scott, and more.