Cecily’s Voice Will Take Her Above and Beyond

cecily-reviewCecily is a talented vocalist out of Washington D.C. who dazzles with her pipes. “Heaven In Your Eyes” featuring Tabi Bonney is a fun and light R&B song that is reminiscent of early Brandy. Then prayers are answered and she gives a strong and bold acapella performance with “Too Much.” The one thing you need in R&B is the ability to tear down walls with your range and emotion. Cecily has that. Even with “Used To Being” she’s able to capture spirits with her over joyous performance. If you’re a fan of true R&B that is all about the voice, then check out Cecily. (https://soundcloud.com/cecily-music)

One thought on “Cecily’s Voice Will Take Her Above and Beyond

  • What an accurate and compelling description of Cecily’s music. She has great range both vocally and musically.I believe a star is born!

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