“Change Of Heart” by Carla DeMarco

Carla is a bassist/singer/songwriter/ living and performing in the Los Angeles Area.  For much of her career, she recorded and performed with many great hard rock, blues and alternative bands in New York and Los Angeles.  

She recently finished her second CD, titled, “Change Of Heart.” “It’s a collection of songs in a classic rock style” states Carla. 

The songs cover a range of topics: “Goodbye” delves into her feelings about the passing of time, and not looking back. “Look Straight Ahead” is just promoting “positive thinking.”  

“In My Dreams” muses about a “better world”, and “God Only Knows” was inspired by an article in “Rolling Stone” regarding a Marine Reserve Unit, that experienced high rates of combat in Afghanistan, and even more suicides among it’s members after their return stateside. 

“Ransom” reflects on just “one of those painful memories” that seems to linger, forever.