Charley Young’s new single “Hold the Moon”

As searing as they are full of a rich elegance that is hard to come by in modern pop music, the synth parts in Charley Young’s new single “Hold the Moon” are some of the most attractive of any I’ve listened to this summer (which is saying a lot when considering just how much exciting synthpop has been released this season). Young’s synthesizers are steeped in an organic opulence and wholly lack the tininess that plagues similarly-stylized, but generally amateurish, material that her less than intriguing peers have issued in the past. “Hold the Moon” is sporting a lot of substance on all fronts, making it a remarkably attractive listen to put it mildly.

Young utilizes conventional pop framework and an EDM-inspired beat in this single, and her seamless arrangement of the instrumentation allows for it to appeal to both club-goers and casual pop fans alike. The production quality is top notch, and even when the rhythm of the drums is at its most ripping, the music never becomes aggressive in tone. She sounds a lot more mature and sure of herself here than she did in 2016’s Phoenix Rising, and her approach to songwriting is definitely reflective of how much she’s grown as an artist.


The remix of “Hold the Moon” is a little too experimental for my taste, whereas this standard version of the track seems to balance out all of its anthemic elements rather perfectly. Young doesn’t need to put any extra gloss on these synthesizers, nor the lyrical emissions that they guide; this music is already evocative without the addition of any extra sonic embellishments. The remix is geared strictly towards the club crowd, but this radio-ready single can satisfy just about anyone who has a love of powerful grooves, potent vocals and all of the marvelous harmonies that come in between.

 If you’re looking for an addictive groove this season, you’d be wise to check out Charley Young’s latest single as soon as you’ve got the chance, mostly because it’s boasting one of the more memorable beats that you’re likely to find this July and beyond. Young has developed her own unique sound as an artist and performer in the last three years, and “Hold the Moon” demonstrates what she can do when she’s working with nothing more than a sharp hook and a decadent swing. I’m looking forward to hearing  more from her soon as I imagine most pop enthusiasts who have heard this most recent release are as well.

Jamie Morse