Chellcy Reitsma Rises Above with  ‘Black Water’

Creativity was always a part of Chellcy Reitsma’s narrative. As a child, she sang and danced alongside her family to a variety of styles. It was then she discovered one doesn’t have to pick just one lane as all music is precious. With time she put music on the back burner and focused on art and dance throughout college. However, injuries sustained via dance left her unable to perform in that respect. While some would’ve wallowed in the loss, Chellcy took it as an opportunity to get back to music and explore the opportunities it held. That was in 2015. Four years later she’s riding high on finding her voice and using it to captivate listeners around the world with her latest release, Black Water.

Times of Malta has noted of Black Water, “…communication is perfectly expressed through her strong deep voice, which, backed by the haunting sound of the harmonica keening a sad lullaby, forms the backbone of her latest…” and we couldn’t agree more. Black Water never ceases to say it like it is. Never holding back, Chellcy is as raw as can be with songs like the dynamic single, as well as the girl-power anthem of “She-Man.” A poet at heart, Chellcy also allows that side of her to take the spotlight, even if for just a minute, with her spoken word poetry at the end in “No Regrets.” A gamble that paid off, it was a delicate touch to cap the EP.

While she may still be at the start of her musical career, Black Water had proven that Chellcy Reitsma has a long road ahead of her.

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