Chris Beer Offers Stylistic Variety On ‘Anytime Soon’

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Vienna, Austria – March 31, 2020 – International singer-songwriter Chris Beer is ready to show the world what he’s made of with his incisive and engaging new album, ‘Anytime Soon.’ 

Every genre has its appealing points, but what separates all great music from the mediocre is the ability to get a story across no matter the genre. That’s what Chris Beer has proven with his latest release, ‘Anytime Soon.’ A singer-songwriter with a passion for inclusion when it comes to electronic sounds and elements, Chris utilizes variety when it comes to the overall sound of his music and in the end it’s a superb sonic adventure. 

Austrian born but rooted in American sounds, Chris Beer’s ‘Anytime Soon’ presents 11 well done tracks that showcase his evolution as an artist from 2016’s ‘Lion in the Sun’ to now. Never afraid to tackle subjects that may make others uneasy, he notes he likes “tackling thorny subjects that affect us all and yet are often inadequately represented in mainstream culture.” From “Out of the Cold” to “Creature of the Night” to the lead single and title track, “Anytime Soon,” every track comes alive with the story they tell and in the end celebrates the human mind’s adaptability when faced with challenging realities. 

After all, it is often in the face of adversity that one finds out how strong one truly is.

“He demonstrates an acute sensitivity to the challenges of modern life: he’s addressed loneliness in the era of electronic connectivity, fear of financial ruin, and the need for each individual to take control of his or her own destiny.” – Music-News

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Dedicated to his late mother, Chris Beer presents 2020’s ‘Anytime Soon.’

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