Christine Saadé – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)

Christine Saadé – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)


Christine Saadé has a diverse background that imbues her musical work with unexpected flavor. Much of the surprise comes from its unusual juxtaposition with modern musical genres like dance pop; it spins the formulas powering these forms in a distinctive and highly individual direction. She’s produced an impressive body of musical work in a short amount of time that cuts across multiple genres without a single misstep and her songwriting efforts, no matter what style she assumes, are aimed solidly in a positive direction in the hopes that have an uplifting effect on listeners. Her latest release “Get Together” continues in that vein. It’s a buoyant exhortation for union between people instead of division and framed with clear, precise production that throbs with energy and warmth. She works with popular DJ and producer Twisted Dee on this track and her influence further strengthens an already impressive outing.

The song couldn’t possibly be put together any better. It bursts from the speakers and the bright bounce in its groove never wavers. There’s no preamble to drawing you in; the quality and the way everything is set up will immediately draw listeners in. Naturally, the songwriting incorporates breaks at all the right points and helps the song cook up much more energy than its running time might otherwise suggest. It’s admirable that she can bring together meaningful lyrics and fun, colorful music in a single package. This kind of talent can only be ascribed to the fact that Saadé is a first class musician and singer with the imagination to orchestrate these aspects into a greater whole. Her SoundCloud page contains a number of inventive remixes of the song, including one by the guest star featured on the original mix, producer and DJ Twisted Dee. The urging, get up on your feet attitude driving this song forward comes from a perfect mix of ingredients.

Saadé lets loose with a vocal that matches its intensity. She’s never at anything less than full flight as she glides through the lyrics with sincerity and exuberance. The music makes excellent use of her voice in the song’s repeated refrains and the power of her voice is strong enough to convince anyone listener that she could pull it off with the same passion she has on the studio version. There’s no question that this song and voice alike, piped through the right sound system, will shake up any club dance floor. The combination will likely rattle the building.

It’s to her credit, as well, that this is a great dance pop song looking outside of itself at the larger world. Christine Saadé doesn’t have the same priorities that a lot of young performers in the pop arena possess and they aren’t just a part of her personal life; they inform her artistic experiences equally. “Get Together” is a call to action, but it’s also a powerhouse dance number that will only further heighten her profile. Her debut release HYSC? EP 1 will soon be released and this single generates a lot of buzz for that moment.


William Elgin