Courtney Reid's Love Struck

Courtney Reid’s Love Struck

Courtney Reid's Love StruckOver 10 years ago, Courtney Reid started playing all around the East Coast. Her sultry adult contemporary sound allowed her to do so. Then in 2009 she released Love Struck, an album where the title speaks volumes about what is waiting for listeners inside. The songs I was lucky enough to hear all have the same demeanor and give a great first impression for a new artist that I was just getting to know. The mid-tempo ways of Never Give Up gave off a grown-up vibe. Then there was Glory Bound that was a musical take on a familiar night time prayer. Lastly, Far Far Away was constructed among acoustic layers of simplicity. A love song if I ever heard one, this fairy tale ending was a good way to cap off my time with Courtney Reids album, Love Struck. Those who find their selves listening to the likes of Sara Bareilles and heading out to see Marie Digby, are likely to find a connection to Courtney Reids music. (