Covers and Improv with Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey ReviewOther than cat videos and awesome fails, YouTube is a great place for people to feature covers of their favorite songs. Whether they are singing them or playing their own rendition of them on a wide range of instruments, it’s always interesting to hear another’s take on popular tracks. Jonathan Bailey has tackled some of the most recognizable on his trustee piano and we’re going to talk about it. His take on what is arguably Celine Dion’s best track, “My Heart Will Go On,” is like the lullaby version. It’s soft and sweet, and without the powerhouse moment Dion brings vocally, you hear small subtleties within. Sticking with the divas, we head into Cher’s comeback hit of the late ‘90s, “Believe.” Here Bailey takes what is necessarily a dance track and transforms it into this classical sounding piece. He then takes us into a more recent hit with Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro.” Another pop to classical rendition can be heart here, but this one sounds like something Gaga may do herself for her little monsters. Jonathan Bailey has everything from covers to improvisational pieces on his page, so check him out – he’s a wiz on the ivory. (