Dave Edwards: Time & Chance

Dave EdwardsDave Edwards’ latest release “Time & Chance” is the perfect soundtrack to get into for those who love to sing the blues. “Second Chances” opens up the record with a song I feel would be perfect for the opening of a ’90s movie that is all about a good time. Yeah, the movie will take a turn eventually – but this track has this positivity about it that lets you know it’s going to be okay. In “Night Blooming Jasmine” we slow it down and hear a different side of Edwards. With a Southwestern feel, this one ignites a passion with every pluck. We head back up in tempo with “To Whom It May Concern” but not much. There’s a sternness to what he has to say with every line delivered. Closing off with “I Wanna Kiss Ya,” we come full circle and get down to this greatly arranged piece. If you’re a fan of blues with a bit of an Americana twist, check out Dave Edwards’ latest, out now. (https://www.daveedwardsguitar.com)