David Castro’s Late Start

david-castro-reviewHailing from California, David Castro learned to play guitar late in life but he’s making up for it now. “The Cell Phone Song” is one of the most honest songs about today and human interaction. With lyrics that proclaim “I think you love your cell phone more than me” it’s easy to see what this one’s about – our obsession with our phones. Who doesn’t have theirs glued to their hands most of the day? Well Castro’s put that sentiment to rock and worked it out. With “Papaienna” you get a more subdued sound than the one before. This one sounds like a serene day on the lake with nothing around to distract you but the fresh air. Then once the lyrics kick in it transforms into this singer songwriter track that’s infused with a Latin spark. The change is welcoming but definitely transports you from the lake to a music venue. If you like artists, who are multifaceted, check out David Castro now. (https://www.jango.com/music/David+Castro+Rock+?l=0)

One thought on “David Castro’s Late Start

  • Tim Evilsizer

    Go Dave! I told you your songs were good. Glad to see you went for it. Keep the songs coming.

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