Deer MiLo Does It Top 40 Style

Deer MiLo ReviewDeer MiLo is an R&B artist that’s worth the watch. “Didn’t You Know” comes on like a cross between hip hop and pop. It’s very Top 40 sounding like something Travie McCoy would put out. Then with “Oleandar Lane” things take a turn towards the R&B way of life. It’s got a sense of sensuality and definitely has what it takes to be a love making song. “Never Single” starts with Deer MiLo singing well and pristine. You get a sense that he’s coming from a fine tuned musical background or was born with those pipes. Either way, he sounds on point in this romantic track. Ending the MiLo party is “Fuss.” This track is a perfect one to end with. It ties everything in together by not being too much and just showcasing what Deer MiLo can really do with his vocal skills. If you’re a fan of acts like Usher and Ne-Yo, then check out Deer MiLo. (