Denzil Johnson Presents The Feel-Good Record Of The Year With ‘Reggae Pop’

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Hamilton, Bermuda – August 27, 2019 – It’s all in the name when it comes to the latest from Denzil Johnson. His 2019 release, Reggae Pop is self-explanatory when it comes to what to expect on the surface but there’s more when you dive deep inside this beautiful blend of sounds.

Presenting good, clean fun Reggae Pop is an album overflowing with everything from brilliant melodies to inescapable lyrics all of which create a sense of excitement throughout the listening experience. For Denzil Johnson this album, along with the entirety of his career thus far and going forward is, has, and will always be about creating a new path, a new direction for music to grow. Evolving sound is what separates a singer from an artist and that is what Denzil Johnson displays time and time again on Reggae Pop.

Denzil Johnson was born with Reggae in his soul when he came into this world at the start of 1976. Growing up he was inspired by not only the natural Reggae sounds that surrounded him but the American pop imports that were coming through the radio. From the late greats such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to the hitmakers of today like Backstreet Boys and Bruno Mars, each and everyone has played a part in inspiring how Denzil’s latest release went from just another Reggae album to one that stood above the rest and popped.

A musician, an artist, a film producer, a humanitarian at his core. Denzil Johnson has so many positive attributes to share with the world. Right now he hopes to share some happiness with Reggae Pop. Those interested in featuring new reggae music on their playlists, reviewing Reggae Pop, or interviewing Denzil Johnson can reach out via the information provided below.


Denzil Johnson is making the world a better place with his upbeat and positive vibes on his 2019 release, Reggae Pop.

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