DJ Frankie French Takes The World “Just By Storm”

New Single Available Now


Chicago, Illinois – September 24, 2019 – DJ Frankie French is one of the leading entertainers in the Chicago area with performances nightly across the city he calls home. With fans flocking to see his sets, he’s going to have to increase capacity when people hear his latest single, “Just By Storm.”

“Just By Storm” is the latest from the dynamic Frankie French. With a heavy bass that sweeps in beats for days that will have audiences from the club to the festival scene moving all night long, “Just By Storm” is the ultimate house track that won’t quit. Even at last call, it’s still going strong until the wee hours.

Producing for 12 years, performing for 10, Frankie French delivers what the people want and that is why his name has become synonymous in the Chicago scene. So those looking to add the power of Frankie French to their playlist, the time is now. “Just By Storm” is available for playlist features, site reviews, and Frankie French is available for performances as well as interviews. To get in touch, please utilize the info below.

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DJ Frankie French is one of the hottest nightlife performers in the Chicago area and he’s planning on expanding his reach with his latest single, “Just By Storm.”

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